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Feliks Zemdegs World Record: 4.73s

This record has been broken! Only 5 weeks since Mats Valk set the Rubik's Cube Single World Record at 4.74 seconds, and today we receive the news that Feliks Zemdegs (Australia) broke it with 4.73 seconds shaving off one hundredth of a second from the previous time. This is the third sub-5 seconds Rubik's record […]

Why Speedcubers Dislike Rubik's Branded Products

Why speedcubers and the twisty puzzle community generally dislike Rubik's branded products Despite being the inventor of the type of puzzle we use today, Seven Towns' Rubik's puzzles and brand aren't particularly enjoyed by many puzzlers, especially the Rubik's community. There's no real hatred towards the brand (although some actions of the Seven Towns company […]

Tony Fisher's largest Rubik's Cube

Tony Fisher, British puzzle designer, the inventor of the Fisher Cube, the Golden Cube, the Tony's Pillowed Holey Skewb and many other custom twisty puzzle designs posted on his YouTube channel a video of himself forming the checkerboard pattern on a fully functional 1.56m (5.11 ft) wide cube. We have to mention that this is […]

World's largest order 22x22x22 Rubik's Cube

A 22x22x22 Rubik's Cube became the world's highest order twisty puzzle, created by corenpuzzle. It was completed in mid-January 2016 and it contains 2691 functioning parts made with a consumer 3D printer.

How we maintain Ruwix

We thought that it would be handy to publish a blog entry about what it takes to run a website like Ruwix for those who are interested in web development and would like to start their own cyber adventure. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can share their thoughts and ideas with the World without any […]

How to win a million with the Rubik's Cube

A psychology student from Münster, won the German "Who wants to be a millionaire" quiz show on 7 December 2015 with a Rubik's Cube related question.

Lucas Etter solved the Cube in 4.90 seconds

Update 2016: This rekord was broken by Mats Valk (4.74 sec) Breaking News! The official WCA Rubik's Cube Single World record was broken on the River Hill Fall 2015 competition which was held in Clarksville, Maryland (USA) on the 21st of November 2015. Keaton Ellis broke the World Record of Collin Burns (5.25) first, with […]

Presenting the 28x28x28 Rubik's Cube?

The new 28x28x28 Cube A Taiwanese Puzzle Corporation announced they are working on a fully functional 28x28x28 Rubik's Cube prototype. The solution of such a puzzle is not any more challenging than a 6x6x6 cube, but it's pushing the limits of high order puzzle manufacturing. Let the engineers design the monster of the twisty puzzles which soon might be […]

Cubers win Romania's Got Talent 2015

A group of three cubers won the biggest Romanian talent show on 12th June 2015. Cristian Leana (20), Martin Fronescu (12) and Flavian Glonţ (17), members of the SpeedCubing group managed to make it to the finals and impress both the jury and the public with their amazing blindfolded performance. They deserved the great prize […]

New World record - Collin Burns 5.25

Update 21 November 2015: This record has been broken! Lucas Etter on the River Hill Fall 2015 competition which was held in Clarksville, Maryland (USA) on 21st of November 2015. Breaking News! Collin Burns (USA) breaks the Rubik's Cube single world record on Doylestown Spring 2015 official WCA competition. He managed to shave 3 […]

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Pictures you've got to check twice

In this gallery I shared some funny pictures taken in the perfect moment from the perfect angle giving the scenario a different meaning. I'm sure you've got to analize some of them twice.

Spot the difference game

The following picture pairs seem to be identic but that's just the first impression. Can you spot the small differences between these near-identical Rubik's Cube related images?

Best YouTube comments ever

I think these are the best youtube comments ever 🙂 Enjoy!

New Rubik's Cube Notation widget

U: Up face clockwise As most of you know we use letters to mark different rotations so we can describe any Rubik's Cube algorithm. Speedcubers are already familiar with the notation of the Rubik's Cube, and some of them probably know the advanced notation as well which describes not only the face rotations but slice […]