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CubeTimer updates

The online Rubik's Cube Timer aka CubeTimer has got some new useful features which will make our life easier. In this article I will present some of these. The first major improvement helps the mobile users to measure their Rubik's Cube solution times much easier. The CubeTimer has got a new design which accomodates to […]

Translate the Rubik's Cube solver

The online Rubik's Cube solver is used by 2-3000 people every day. We have visitors from all over the World, mainly young people use this free online application. Help us translate the program to your language so everyone can use it even if they don't speak English very well.

The best free blogging websites

Recently I had to create 20 micro blogs so I've registered on a couple of free blogging websites. It turned out it's not so simple to find that many functional blogging sites. I think the biggest blog sites like WordPress, BlogSpot or Tumblr fave taken over the majority of the market and the small ones […]

Simple JavaScript page scroll

I was looking for a simple JavasCript page slider which scrolls the webpage a few pixels or to a label on the page. The ScrollTo jQuery solution was the first thing I found, which has many different ways to specify the target position. This is an elegant solution but I was looking for something simpler. […]

Useful links for web developers

We always use different online tools when working on our website. On this page we've collected our favorite free useful online gadets for web developers and web designers. You can find here SEO tools, different converters, testers, generators, checkers and more... Online HTML editor A free online tool we use every time we post an […]

New Twitter Widget

In October 2012 Twitter changed the way you can embed a Twitter feed widget on your website. So the widgets you had on your websites might not load new tweets or it simply give error messages. To overcome this problem you can go ahead and log in to Twitter to create and manage widgets there ( but […]

Gaspo GPO Snowblades

The new GPO Snowblades or Skiboards from Gaspo with Tyrolia release bindings are 99 cm long with 7 m radius and come in various color schemes. You can choose your own pair of GPO Snowblades from the Crystal, Butterfly, Peace, Race Shorty, Swing or Gamble (see picture). They are available for sale from 2012 and […]

Simple JavaScript HTML CSS progress bar

This is a very simple progress bar I found on which is using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It runs well on every major browser if JavaScript is not disabled. You can see how it works on the demo below or see my own custom implementation for the online Rubik's Cube solver program.

Free eCommerce solutions

Review of some free online webshop solutions There are several free open source PHP-MySql based shopping carts (eCommerce systems) so if someone wants a webshop then he has the freedom to choose between many options. The most common are OpenCart, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Magento, OsCommerce and I wanted to figure it out which one of […]

Easy Rider bike shop Tirgu Mures

Let me present the Easy Rider bike shop Tirgu Mures. They sell all kind of human-powered, pedal-driven single-track vehicles having two wheels attached to a frame and of course equipment and spare parts for these. You will find BMX, mountain bikes or they can command anything if the desired product is not on stock.

Solve Rubiks cube

Today I read some stories about guys telling how they learned to solve Rubiks cube. They tell different stories, most of them had the cube scrambled and never solved for a long while. Many of them used an online Rubik's cube solver program to get it done for the first time.

Valentine's Day Rubik's Cube

Valentine's Day is approaching fast and a perfect gift idea for a Rubik's Cube fan would be the heart shaped YJ puzzle which is built on the same core system as the classic 3x3x3 Magic Cube. In this case not the 6 colors determine the solved state but the shape of the puzzle just like […]

RailRush flash game

Use the navigation keys and the A,D buttons. While playing RailRush use the right and left arrow to switch rail, up to jump over obstacles, dow to bend over, A and D buttons to reach for the nuggets. Complete the missions.