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CubeTimer updates

The online Rubik's Cube Timer aka CubeTimer has got some new useful features which will make our life easier. In this article I will present some of these. The first major improvement helps the mobile users to measure their Rubik's Cube solution times much easier. The CubeTimer has got a new design which accomodates to […]

Translate the Rubik's Cube solver

The online Rubik's Cube solver is used by 2-3000 people every day. We have visitors from all over the World, mainly young people use this free online application. Help us translate the program to your language so everyone can use it even if they don't speak English very well.

Solve Rubiks cube

Today I read some stories about guys telling how they learned to solve Rubiks cube. They tell different stories, most of them had the cube scrambled and never solved for a long while. Many of them used an online Rubik's cube solver program to get it done for the first time.

Rubix cube solver updates in 2012

Click the image above to start the application There's a new update on the online Rubix cube solver program. Now when you hover over a permutation button it displays a picture over the cube to show what that notation means. On the old version there was only a small picture giving this help. The new […]

Rubik's Notation

Announcing the new Rubik's Notation widget with graphical interface. Check it out here!

Rubik’s Stopwatch

Measure how fast you can solve your cube with this Rubik’s Stopwatch designed for twisty puzzles and speed stacking. It has a graphical user interface and creates statistics. Each time when you stop the counter it generates automatically a random scramble for your Cube. Check it out here!

Rubiks Cube Scramble Generator

Introducing two new Rubik's Cube Scramble generators. The first Scrambler is very simple, it has just a button and creates a permutation for a Rubik's Cube. The scientific version can generate longer scrambles for Cubes up to 13 layers. Check them out here!

Rubik’s Cube Solver Program

Set a scrambled cube and the program will generate the steps leading to the solution for every valid Rubik's Cube scramble. Try the Online Rubik's Cube Solver program now!

Rubik's Cube

Everything about Rubik's Cube. Wallpapers, robots, mathematics, collections etc. Read interesting articles about the Magic Cube here.

Learn how to solve the Cube

First of all get familiar with the Notation of the cube then learn how to solve it. In the article you'll find the presentation of the easy layer-by-layer beginner's method.

Valentine's Day Rubik's Cube

Valentine's Day is approaching fast and a perfect gift idea for a Rubik's Cube fan would be the heart shaped YJ puzzle which is built on the same core system as the classic 3x3x3 Magic Cube. In this case not the 6 colors determine the solved state but the shape of the puzzle just like […]