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Here you can read all the blog entries about the Rubik’s Cube Widgets.

Rubik’s Stopwatch

Measure how fast you can solve your cube with this Rubik’s Stopwatch designed for twisty puzzles and speed stacking. It has a graphical user interface and creates statistics. Each time when you stop the counter it generates automatically a random scramble for your Cube. Check it out here!

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Rubiks Cube Scramble Generator

Introducing two new Rubik's Cube Scramble generators. The first Scrambler is very simple, it has just a button and creates a permutation for a Rubik's Cube. The scientific version can generate longer scrambles for Cubes up to 13 layers. Check them out here!

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Rubik’s Cube Solver Program

Set a scrambled cube and the program will generate the steps leading to the solution for every valid Rubik's Cube scramble. Try the Online Rubik's Cube Solver program now!

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