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Rubik's image generator

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generated Rubiks Cube image

Set the colors of the scrambled cube and the image options to generate the picture. Then right click on the image and click 'Save picture as...'

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How to use the Rubik's Cube solver?

  • Select the view you like the most on the top of the page.
  • Hold the cube in your hands the way the program is showing because it will solve the bottom layer first.
  • Apply the rotations. Be careful because if you miss one turn you end up with a scrambled cube!
    Set the desired speed and play back the solution. You can go through the rotations one by one clicking on the letters or the next button.
    If you don't understand what the letters mean read the notation or activate the rotation animation.
  • The scramble is encoded in the url so saving it you can always play back this solution.
  • Go back to scramble a new cube when you're done.

If you keep getting Invalid Scramble error message please check that your cube has the official color scheme. Somtimes people enter the back face wrong because on the second view this side is mirrored.

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This Solution page was generated by the online Rubik's Cube solver program by Ruwix. Input the scrambled cube, hit the Solve button and find the rotations leading to the solution.

Program by Dénes Ferenc