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How to put a Rubik's Cube in a bottle?

adminka : May 26, 2018 14:47 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube

The idea of impossible bottles is to take things that could not possibly go through the mouth of a bottle and put them inside anyways. These tricks require dexterity, patience, and a great deal of lateral thinking.
impossible bottle rubiks cube
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New Rubik's Cube World Record by Feliks Zemdegs

adminka : May 6, 2018 17:39 : Articles, Important, News, Rubik's Cube

Feliks Zemdegs, Australian speedcuber has set a new Rubik’s Cube world record single (not average) in the first round of the Cube for Cambodia 2018 on May 6th, 2018 Victoria, Melbourne Australia. The time was just a mere 4.22 seconds, 3 tenths of a second faster than the previous record held by Feliks Zemdegs and SeungBeom Cho (조승범) of 4.59 seconds. He now owns the World record single again making it a solo title. The cube used to break the record was a Angstrom Gan Air Sm.

feliks zemdegs 4.22 rubiks cube world record

It’s important to mention that in this round Feliks had two sub-5 solution times, averaging 6.26 (4.92, 6.97, 4.22, 7.27, 6.89, 6.26). According to the WCA regulations they calculate the average of five solves ignoring the best (4.22) and worst (7.27) times and they take the average of the 3 times in the middle. The speedcuber with the lowest average is the winner.

Feliks Zemdegs (WCA ID: 2009ZEMD01) is an iconic speedcuber who has competed in 76 competions so far. He also holds the most World records such as for the 5×5, 3×3 OH (one handed) and Megaminx twisty puzzles. He has a Youtube channel (Feliks Zemdegs) with mostly videos from competitions, averages and other cubing related topics.

First sub-4.5

This is the first official sub-4.5 solve and it’s closer to 4 than 4.5! This new record is expected to last for a long time. We can’t tell now for sure but the time breaking this record might be one day the very first sub-4 solution. One title however will always belong to Feliks that he was the very first cuber to solve the cube under 4.5 seconds. You might remember that in November 2015 Lucas Etter broke the sub-5 barrier.


Scramble: L U2 D R’ F2 R2 L2 U R’ F’ D2 F2 D2 B U L2 B2

F’ R’ D’ R y R U’ R’ u’ // X-Cross
U’ R U R’ // F2L-2
y’ L’ U2′ L U’ L’ U L // F2L-3
d U R’ U’ R U R’ U’ R // F2L-4
U’ R U2 R2 F R F’ R U2 R’ // LL

The record holder used a yellow X-cross, smooth F2L and an easy OLL and PLL skip. If you are not a cuber and you don’t understand what these abbreviations mean please read about the cubing terminology.


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20 Amazing Rubik’s Cube Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

adminka : March 22, 2018 10:09 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube

Top lists with similar titles are very popular, especially on YouTube so here’s our list about our favorite puzzle. We all know what the Rubik’s Cube is, and we most likely have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to solve the puzzle. Apart from that, what else do you know about it? Here, we will explore the history, its background and other amazing Facts.

amazing rubiks cube facts

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Shredding a Rubik's Cube

adminka : February 6, 2018 15:14 : Rubik's Cube

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In this video we’ll show you what happens to a Rubik’s Cube when it’s thrown in a shredder so you don’t have to try it at home.

shredder rubiks cube

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Will Smith demonstrating how to solve the Rubik's Cube

adminka : January 31, 2018 09:52 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube

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You might know that we have a Rubik’s Cube tutorial section for beginners. Reading your feedback in the comment section we’ve realized that people get stuck at this point or have difficulties finishing the cube. Many people get confused when they reach the very last step where they have to orient the yellow corners in the last layer repeating the R’ D’ R D algorithm. more »

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Feliks Zemdegs tied the Rubik's Cube World Record

adminka : January 27, 2018 11:57 : Articles, Important, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube

Feliks Zemdegs, Australian speedcuber has tied the previous 4.59 seconds Rubik’s Cube single record of SeungBeom Cho, registered less than 3 months ago. The two cubers now share the world record for the fastest solution time on an official WCA competition. They both have PLL skips, which means a lucky situation when the pieces come together when they reach the very last step of the advanced method (CFOP).

feliks zemdegs rubiks cube record 459

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Changes to the World Cube Association Regulations in 2018

adminka : January 14, 2018 08:29 : Articles, Important, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

Recently, the World Cube Association Regulations Committee have made changes to the regulations that govern competitive speedcubing which have gone into effect as of the 1st of January 2018. Some of the most notable changes include puzzles with any sort of logo now illegal for blind events, competitors are now allowed to use their hands to inspect the puzzle prior to solving with their feet, and competitors now being allowed to use any “pillowed” puzzle when previously only pillowed 7x7x7 were only legal.

blindfolded solve
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New Rubik's Cube Solver Update

adminka : December 24, 2017 10:20 : Articles, News, Rubik's Cube

The free online Rubik’s Cube solver was first launched on Ruwix in 2012. It used the layer by layer method and it could find the solution in approximately 130 steps. It was using the layer-by-layer method algorithm that I made a couple years ago for my Rubik Robot in the university.
solution in 128 steps
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33x33x33 Rubik's Cube - World Record

adminka : December 2, 2017 21:20 : Articles, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

We have published an article in 2016 about the World’s largest order NxNxN Rubik’s Cube-like twisty puzzle, the 22x22x22 cube created by corenpuzzle which exploded many times. This record was broken when the 33x33x33 cube came to live and announced today (Dec 2 2017).

33x33x33 rubiks cube

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Rubik's Cube World Record: SeungBeom Cho 4.59

adminka : October 29, 2017 09:15 : Important, News, Rubik's Cube

This record has been broken!

The Korean SeungBeom Cho (조승범) set a new Rubik’s Cube World Record in the first round of the ChicaGhosts 2017 competition on October 28, 2017 Chicago, Illinois USA. With a 4.59 seconds solution he shaved off one tenth of a second from the record of Patrick Ponce which lasted only two months. This result brings the title back to Asia after 9 years. He used a magnetic MoYu WeiLong GTS2M cube on this competition.

seungbeom sho rubiks cube record 4.59 seconds

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Rubik's Cube World Record - Patrick Ponce 4.69

adminka : September 2, 2017 10:00 : Articles, Important, News, Rubik's Cube

This record has been broken: SeungBeom Cho (4.59).

15 year old Patrick Ponce (USA) set a new Rubik’s Cube Word record single with an amazing 4.69 seconds result on the second round of the Rally In The Valley 2017 Middletown, Virginia USA competition on 2nd September 2017. He managed to shave four hundredth of a second from the former record set by Feliks Zemdegs, who is still holding the average record with 5.97 seconds.

patrick ponce world record single 4.69

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Rubik's Cube World Championships 2017 Paris

adminka : July 24, 2017 10:47 : Articles, News, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

Most hobbies or sports have one competition, normally annually or biannually, that trumps the rest in terms of the competition, the stakes and the glory. We have the World Cup, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Winter Games and many more. Rubik’s Cube speedsolving has its own version – The World Championships. Every two years, some of the fastest speedcubers across the globe meet at one venue to compete for the World Champion title in their respective events.

rubiks cube world championship paris 2017
Erno Rubik the inventor of the Cube and Max Park, the winner of the Rubik’s Cube World Championship 2017 Paris

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Feliks Zemdegs world record average: 5.97 seconds

adminka : June 29, 2017 07:03 : Important, News, Rubik's Cube

The Australian speedcubing legend Feliks Zemdegs broke the Rubik’s Cube World Record average with 5.97 seconds in Latin America Cubing Tour 2017 – Chía, Colombia on June 28, 2017. The previous 6.39 record was held by Max Park (USA). Feliks Zemdegs currently holds the World Record for the fastest solve on a competition with 4.73 seconds which he set in December 2016.
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Non-Cubers say the Darndest Things

adminka : June 15, 2017 07:42 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

At the time of its release, the Rubik’s Cube was the most popular toy in the world. It received multiple awards due to its popularity including back-to-back Toy of the Year awards in 1980 and 1981. However, the cube’s popularity fell off following the initial few years of excitement and entertainment, and although by the mid-1980s 1/5th of the globe had played with a cube, it wasn’t talked about very much throughout the late-80s and 90s. However, in the early 2000s, the puzzle made a resurgence when a new hobby surfaced: Speedcubing. Speedcubing sowed its roots at the 1982 World Championship in Budapest, but in 2003 it was a whole new world. More and more people were finding the old Rubik’s branded cube that everyone had somewhere around the house, googling a tutorial and getting hooked.

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Short Cartoon

adminka : May 24, 2017 15:08 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube

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Cube 3x3 Competition - Write and Win!

adminka : April 11, 2017 07:12 : Articles, Important, News, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

We are organizing a content writing competition to promote Rubik’s Cubing and Twisty Puzzling! Write an article and win the twisty puzzle bundle of your dreams!

All qualifying works will be published on the website and the author of the best article will receive his twisty puzzle wish list from the webshop of his choice.

You can choose from many topics to write about – How you met the cube, why you started cubing, tell a funny story about the cube or you can write about your favorite cuber or favorite twisty puzzle. Send an article in each topic to increase your chances. more »

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Feliks Zemdegs World Record: 4.73s

adminka : December 11, 2016 21:11 : Articles, Important, News, Rubik's Cube

This record has been broken!

Only 5 weeks since Mats Valk set the Rubik’s Cube Single World Record at 4.74 seconds, and today we receive the news that Feliks Zemdegs (Australia) broke it with 4.73 seconds shaving off one hundredth of a second from the previous time.
This is the third sub-5 seconds Rubik’s record and it was registered on POPS Open 2016 competition, which was held in Melbourne Australia on December 11 2016.

Feliks Zemdegs Rubiks Cube World ecord 2016 4.73 seconds

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Mats Valk World Record: 4.74s

adminka : November 6, 2016 16:07 : Important, News, Rubik's Cube

Update: this record was broken by Feliks Zemdegs >>

It’s official! Mats Valk broke the first sub-5 seconds record of Lucas Etter, setting the new Rubik’s Cube single World record at 4.74 seconds.

Mats Valk 4.74 seconds

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Why Speedcubers Dislike Rubik's Branded Products

adminka : February 21, 2016 21:15 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

Why speedcubers and the twisty puzzle community generally dislike Rubik’s branded products

Despite being the inventor of the type of puzzle we use today, Seven Towns’ Rubik’s puzzles and brand aren’t particularly enjoyed by many puzzlers, especially the Rubik’s community. There’s no real hatred towards the brand (although some actions of the Seven Towns company have given some reasons to explain why some people have more of a dislike towards them than others).

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Tony Fisher's largest Rubik's Cube

adminka : February 12, 2016 14:31 : Articles, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube

Tony Fisher, British puzzle designer, the inventor of the Fisher Cube, the Golden Cube, the Tony’s Pillowed Holey Skewb and many other custom twisty puzzle designs posted on his YouTube channel a video of himself forming the checkerboard pattern on a fully functional 1.56m (5.11 ft) wide cube.

We have to mention that this is not Tony’s first big cube. He has got one with an edge of 30 cm.

Giant Rubiks Cube by Tony Fisher

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World's largest order 22x22x22 Rubik's Cube

adminka : January 18, 2016 21:49 : Articles, Important, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

A 22x22x22 Rubik’s Cube became the world’s highest order twisty puzzle, created by corenpuzzle. It was completed in mid-January 2016 and it contains 2691 functioning parts made with a consumer 3D printer.

2x2x2 rubiks cube

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How we maintain Ruwix

adminka : December 17, 2015 16:44 : Articles, Interesting

We thought that it would be handy to publish a blog entry about what it takes to run a website like Ruwix for those who are interested in web development and would like to start their own cyber adventure. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can share their thoughts and ideas with the World without any significant programming skills and technical knowledge. Let’s see the steps that you have to follow in order to start your own website and to attract visitors.

how to make a website edit html

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How to win a million with the Rubik's Cube

adminka : December 8, 2015 22:17 : Articles, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube

A psychology student from Münster, won the German “Who wants to be a millionaire” quiz show on 7 December 2015 with a Rubik’s Cube related question.

german student wins who wants to be a millionaire with a Rubiks cube question

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Lucas Etter solved the Cube in 4.90 seconds

adminka : November 22, 2015 11:00 : Articles, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube

Update 2016: This rekord was broken by Mats Valk (4.74 sec)

Breaking News!
The official WCA Rubik’s Cube Single World record was broken on the River Hill Fall 2015 competition which was held in Clarksville, Maryland (USA) on the 21st of November 2015.
Keaton Ellis broke the World Record of Collin Burns (5.25) first, with an amazing 5.09 result but since Lucas Etter beat this time at the same competition on the same day, this one never counted as a record.
The World Cube Association regulation says:
9i2) All the results of a round are considered to take place on the last calendar date of the round. If a regional record is broken multiple times on the same calendar date, only the best result is recognised as breaking that regional record.

New Rubik’s Cube World Record: Lucas Etter 4.90

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Presenting the 28x28x28 Rubik's Cube?

adminka : July 13, 2015 21:20 : Articles, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

28x28x28 Rubik's Cube
The new 28x28x28 Cube

A Taiwanese Puzzle Corporation announced they are working on a fully functional 28x28x28 Rubik’s Cube prototype. The solution of such a puzzle is not any more challenging than a 6x6x6 cube, but it’s pushing the limits of high order puzzle manufacturing. Let the engineers design the monster of the twisty puzzles which soon might be the most cherished item of any puzzle collection.
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Cubers win Romania's Got Talent 2015

adminka : June 13, 2015 10:38 : Articles, News, Rubik's Cube

A group of three cubers won the biggest Romanian talent show on 12th June 2015. Cristian Leana (20), Martin Fronescu (12) and Flavian Glonţ (17), members of the SpeedCubing group managed to make it to the finals and impress both the jury and the public with their amazing blindfolded performance. They deserved the great prize of 120.000€!

This was the second attempt for Cristian on the stage of Romania’s Got Talent. He also entered the competition in 2012 and made it all the way to the finals but this year, being part of a group proved to be more efficient.

romanias got talent 2015 winners speedcubing

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New World record - Collin Burns 5.25

adminka : April 28, 2015 14:58 : Articles, Interesting, News, Rubik's Cube

Update 21 November 2015: This record has been broken!

…by Lucas Etter on the River Hill Fall 2015 competition which was held in Clarksville, Maryland (USA) on 21st of November 2015.

Breaking News! Collin Burns (USA) breaks the Rubik’s Cube single world record on Doylestown Spring 2015 official WCA competition. He managed to shave 3 tenth of a second off the record of Mats Valk (Netherlands), setting the new record to 5.25.
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Become a publisher!

adminka : February 26, 2014 13:39 : Articles, News

We need original articles for our website and we want you to help us!

Send us any interesting article, tutorial, puzzle description, story and we’ll publish it on our website. Help us improve our bibliography!

Please read the following terms and conditions and make sure your article fulfills them before you submit for revision:

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Pictures you've got to check twice

adminka : February 9, 2014 20:25 : Articles, Interesting

In this gallery I shared some funny pictures taken in the perfect moment from the perfect angle giving the scenario a different meaning. I’m sure you’ve got to analize some of them twice.
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Spot the difference game

adminka : November 20, 2013 15:34 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube

The following picture pairs seem to be identic but that’s just the first impression. Can you spot the small differences between these near-identical Rubik’s Cube related images?

Click on the images and they will pop up. Hit the Esc button or click the image to close them. To reveal the solutions scroll to the bottom of this page.


Rubik's Cube wall-e spot the difference

If you’ve never played Photo hunt before you should begin with this warm-up puzzle. Starring Wall-E the robot on this one. I’m sure you’ll easily find all the 7 differences.


Rubik's Cube halloween costume spot the difference

Some very happy guys on this picture, one of them wearing a Rubik’s Cube costume. This one is not that hard yet. There are 9 differences between the two pictures.


Rubik's Cube wca speedcubing competition spot the difference

A photo taken on a Rubik’s Cube competition. The room is full of speedcubers trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube. It’s not that easy to find all the 8 differences in the crowd.


Scroll down for the solution












sport the difference walle rubiks robot solution
spot rubiks cube solver competition solution
spot rubix cube solver costume solution

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Best YouTube comments ever

adminka : June 7, 2013 10:17 : Articles, Interesting

I think these are the best youtube comments ever 🙂


best youtube comments ever more »

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New Rubik's Cube Notation widget

adminka : May 8, 2013 18:06 : Articles, News, Rubik's Cube, Widgets
letters in the Rubik's Cube algorithm
U: Up face clockwise

As most of you know we use letters to mark different rotations so we can describe any Rubik’s Cube algorithm. Speedcubers are already familiar with the notation of the Rubik’s Cube, and some of them probably know the advanced notation as well which describes not only the face rotations but slice turns, double layer turns, whole cube turns etc.

To demonstrate these operations I have created a 3D model of the puzzle where you can try all these rotations and it will probably help you memorize them better.

The program is using the latest HTML5 techniques and it’s not guaranteed that your browser can render it properly but the latest Google Chrome and mobile browsers can display it.
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CubeTimer updates

adminka : April 23, 2013 17:23 : Articles, News, Rubik's Cube, Widgets

The online Rubik’s Cube Timer aka CubeTimer has got some new useful features which will make our life easier. In this article I will present some of these.
The first major improvement helps the mobile users to measure their Rubik’s Cube solution times much easier. The CubeTimer has got a new design which accomodates to the browser window size. So if you launch the program on a smartphone with narrow screen size then the Start/Stop button will be a bigger tap button, the graphical display will be hidden and the control panel will accomodate to your device. To see this new feature in action simply drag the corner of your internet browser window and shrink it to see how the program responds.

Print feature on the Cube Timer

CubeTimer updateNow you can simply save or print your times using the small print button which you can find at the bottom corner of the measured times. The printer will not print the whole page as you see it on the computer screen, just the important information.
With the appropiate software you can save this print view directly to a .pdf file. I use and recommend Cutepdf writer for this.

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Translate the Rubik's Cube solver

adminka : April 20, 2013 21:16 : Articles, News, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles, Widgets

The online Rubik’s Cube solver is used by 2-3000 people every day. We have visitors from all over the World, mainly young people use this free online application. Help us translate the program to your language so everyone can use it even if they don’t speak English very well.
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The best free blogging websites

adminka : January 18, 2013 15:39 : Articles, Interesting

Recently I had to create 20 micro blogs so I’ve registered on a couple of free blogging websites. It turned out it’s not so simple to find that many functional blogging sites. I think the biggest blog sites like WordPress, BlogSpot or Tumblr fave taken over the majority of the market and the small ones are closing business or they’re struggling for survival. I had to find 20 working sites at all costs.

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Simple JavaScript page scroll

adminka : January 7, 2013 19:09 : Articles, Widgets

I was looking for a simple JavasCript page slider which scrolls the webpage a few pixels or to a label on the page. The ScrollTo jQuery solution was the first thing I found, which has many different ways to specify the target position. This is an elegant solution but I was looking for something simpler.

Click to scroll down

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Useful links for web developers

adminka : December 5, 2012 21:33 : Articles, Interesting, News, Widgets

We always use different online tools when working on our website. On this page we’ve collected our favorite free useful online gadets for web developers and web designers. You can find here SEO tools, different converters, testers, generators, checkers and more…

Online HTML editor

A free online tool we use every time we post an article to Ruwix
HTML Editor   This one is GREAT.   🙂

How to Create a Blog?

A complete tutorial of creating a blog from registering the domain name to monetization and more.

How to start a blog online

How to Start a Blog: Step-By-Step Guide with Pictures

Make a Website Hub

A really simple guide on how you can build your own website in just 60 minutes.

RGB Color Code

Online tool to convert colors (hex, rgb, hsv, cmyk etc)

HTML code cleaner

This online tool cleans HTML documents: strips inline styles, empty tags, consecutive breaks are reduced. Very useful if you want to copy content from a Microsoft Word document to plain html.,
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New Twitter Widget

adminka : November 20, 2012 11:31 : Articles, Widgets

In October 2012 Twitter changed the way you can embed a Twitter feed widget on your website. So the widgets you had on your websites might not load new tweets or it simply give error messages. To overcome this problem you can go ahead and log in to Twitter to create and manage widgets there ( but I personally prefer the way I’m going to present in this article. Below you can find the code you can use and implement a nice feed.

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Gaspo GPO Snowblades

adminka : November 3, 2012 22:59 : Articles, News

The new GPO Snowblades or Skiboards from Gaspo with Tyrolia release bindings are 99 cm long with 7 m radius and come in various color schemes. You can choose your own pair of GPO Snowblades from the Crystal, Butterfly, Peace, Race Shorty, Swing or Gamble (see picture). They are available for sale from 2012 and it costs around 200 euros.

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Simple JavaScript HTML CSS progress bar

adminka : October 18, 2012 10:41 : Articles, News, Widgets

This is a very simple progress bar I found on which is using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It runs well on every major browser if JavaScript is not disabled.

You can see how it works on the demo below or see my own custom implementation for the online Rubik’s Cube solver program.

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JavaScript volume slider control

adminka : October 13, 2012 19:42 : News, Widgets

javascript volume control slider html cssThe online Rubik’s Cube solver program has got a new speed controller, looking like a classic JavaScript volume slider control. I’ve found a really nice sample on which I adjusted to my needs. It came out pretty nice, it’s simple and very customizable.
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Free eCommerce solutions

adminka : October 13, 2012 14:22 : Articles, Interesting

Review of some free online webshop solutions

There are several free open source PHP-MySql based shopping carts (eCommerce systems) so if someone wants a webshop then he has the freedom to choose between many options. The most common are OpenCart, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Magento, OsCommerce and I wanted to figure it out which one of these is the best to use.
I installed Zen Cart, Prestashop and OpenCart to test them. I read many forums about the topic and these are the top eCommerce systems what people usually recommend.

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Easy Rider bike shop Tirgu Mures

adminka : September 5, 2012 10:06 : Articles

easy rider bike shop targu tirgu mures easyrider magazin biciclete mures okazii mountain bike bmx

Let me present the Easy Rider bike shop Tirgu Mures. They sell all kind of human-powered, pedal-driven single-track vehicles having two wheels attached to a frame and of course equipment and spare parts for these. You will find BMX, mountain bikes or they can command anything if the desired product is not on stock.

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Solve Rubiks cube

adminka : June 25, 2012 18:19 : Articles, Interesting, Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles

Today I read some stories about guys telling how they learned to solve Rubiks cube. They tell different stories, most of them had the cube scrambled and never solved for a long while. Many of them used an online Rubik’s cube solver program to get it done for the first time.

more »

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Rubix cube solver updates in 2012

adminka : June 25, 2012 17:31 : News, Rubik's Cube, Widgets

Click the image above to start the application

There’s a new update on the online Rubix cube solver program. Now when you hover over a permutation button it displays a picture over the cube to show what that notation means. On the old version there was only a small picture giving this help. The new feature also shows the direction of the rotation, so I had to draw 12 pictures, for the six faces. The M, E, S rotation use the same pictures as the L, D, B, in this order.

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Rubik's Notation

adminka : February 28, 2012 18:23 : Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles, Widgets

Announcing the new Rubik’s Notation widget with graphical interface.

Check it out here!

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Rubik’s Stopwatch

adminka : February 26, 2012 18:24 : Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles, Widgets

Measure how fast you can solve your cube with this Rubik’s Stopwatch designed for twisty puzzles and speed stacking. It has a graphical user interface and creates statistics.

Each time when you stop the counter it generates automatically a random scramble for your Cube.

Check it out here!

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Rubiks Cube Scramble Generator

adminka : February 26, 2012 18:23 : Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles, Widgets

Introducing two new Rubik’s Cube Scramble generators.

The first Scrambler is very simple, it has just a button and creates a permutation for a Rubik’s Cube.

The scientific version can generate longer scrambles for Cubes up to 13 layers.

Check them out here!

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Rubik’s Cube Solver Program

adminka : February 26, 2012 18:23 : Rubik's Cube, Twisty Puzzles, Widgets

Set a scrambled cube and the program will generate the steps leading to the solution for every valid Rubik’s Cube scramble. Try the Online Rubik’s Cube Solver program now!

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Rubik's Cube

adminka : February 15, 2012 19:04 : Rubik's Cube

Everything about Rubik’s Cube. Wallpapers, robots, mathematics, collections etc.

Read interesting articles about the Magic Cube here.

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