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Saved Rubik's Cube Scramble

This widget allows you to save and display a Rubik's Cube scramble in a fancy interactive way when a simple image is not descriptive enough.

There are four different view modes available in the upper menu so you can choose which view you like the most. One of the views even has a drag function where you can use your mouse to rotate the cube. This one uses JavaTM which means that you must have the Java engine installed and enabled on your browser in order to use it.

The actual scramble of the cube is encoded in the url of this page so you can display this scramble every time you want accessing this web address. Embed this small widget on a website pasting the code snippet below in your html. Doing so you accept the Terms and Conditions of the website.

How to generate a new scramble?

Go to the Rubix Cube Solver page, set the desired scramble and click the Generate widget checkbox which will bring you to a page like this showing the fields you set up. If you have used only the rotation buttons and not the color picker or the random scrambler to mix the Rubik's Cube then the algorithm will be visible in the widget.

After the desired scramble is set you can use the widget in an iframe or just save the url.