Rubik’s Art

Let’s talk about the Rubik’s Art. What can you do if you’ve got a hundreds of Rubik’s cubes in your collection, and some serious artistic talent? Rubik’s Cube pixel art or Rubikubism is what you can use them for.

Rubik’s mosaics

First you have to map out the precise pixel positions for each cube in these “paintings”. You can do this with a simple image editor on your PC by decreasing the color depth on a selected picture to use only 6 colors. Then count the Rubik’s Cubes you can use to determine the resolution of the picture. If you have one thousand cubes then you can build a pretty nice 90×100 pixel Rubik’s mosaic. You don’t have to solve the whole cube, just one upper layer because only the top layer is visible when they’re all put next to each other.

You can also buy a mosaic if you don’t want to spend time building it. Street artist known only as Invader is making world famous pictures out of cubes, like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. He uses up to 800 classic Magic Cubes for each work and sells them for £20,000.