GAN 11 M Pro - Overwiew

The GAN 11 M Pro is GANCubes 11th flagship model, consisting of primary internals as well as customizable plastic versions. However, with a price of $64.99, this cube may not appeal to those on a budget, but, it’s not only these things that the GAN 11 M Pro has… The cube has a range of customizability, as well as a great looking, compact box to fit everything in. The cube also consists of a good feel for all, with customizability being to an extreme, corner stalks can be switched out; versions can be varied between Primary Internals and UV Coating and much more! But… what makes this cube stand out? That we will see.

Price: £69.99 | Weight: 63.0g | Date of release: 30/09/20 | Size: 56.0mm | Versions: 4

Out of the box feel

Out of the box, the cube felt as great as if it was lubricated and broken in. With the primary internals clearly came speed, as the cube spent no time to warm up, and was really good out of the box. Although it had a scratchy feel, this was easily fixed with lubrication, as well as breaking in the factory lubrication that was already there. And it wasn’t just this.

gan 11 m pro size
GANCube’s “Mini” Screwdriver in comparison to the GAN 11 M Pro

The cube also had accessories that came with the main product, these consisting of; A “tiny” screwdriver that is used in order to change the corner magnet settings of the cube; customizable corner magnet options, with custom “stalks” that replace the original in the cube; an elasticity and tension changing tool; and finally a 2 hinge GAN box to come along with the product, that if you bought the cube early, came with a blue top and hinges which was a great edition that GAN had added.

It is also still great that they have kept their patented “honeycomb” design on their pieces, which traps lubrication; spreads it evenly throughout the cube, as well as reducing friction leading to a faster and more controllable cube. The light weight of the cube is also appealing, with that meaning the cube can perform quicker as well as produce more PB solves.


With a cube comes many versions, especially with GANCube. There are many versions of this cube, starting with the default options, the GAN 11 M Pro Frosted Primary Version and the GAN 11 M Pro Frosted Black Version. The black version consists of black internals which would provide a “snappier” feel to it comparing to the smoother feel of the primary, although that certainly won’t reduce quality. As well as this comes the GAN 11 M Pro UV Coated Edition and the GAN 11 M Pro Soft Coated Edition, these two being a little above limited edition. The UV Coating provides a glossy plastic feel, whilst the Soft Coating provides a feel on the cube like “rubber.”

gan 11 m pro versions
All 4 Versions of the GAN 11 M Pro with images

Hardware Improvement

The improvement that this cube brought into the world is definitely something to note, with the GAN 11 M Pro bring a unique “aim-assist” to the cubes allowing turning to be more efficient and faster. The corner magnets themselves consist of customizable “stalks” that attract to the core themselves allowing the cube to turn smoother as well as quicker. I think this is a great improvement due to the stability added to the cube as well as the additional speed this provides due to the lack of lockups that this provides. Great improvement in cube hardware!

Corner Cutting

Out of the box, the cube provides great 45 degree+ corner cutting forward, as well as a normal degree reverse (Line to Line) - through setup this improved further to a great 47 degree forward.

Why is it one of the BEST cubes? (Overall Thoughts)

This cube performs extremely well out of the box, with the cube providing not only great turning, but amazing customizability with their “corner stalks” that (as I mentioned earlier) provides great stability, controllability and speed that can appeal to many of those who manage to get a hold of this cube. However, the price may be something to mention. At £69.99, this cube – although it has the premium feel to it – costs a more than hoped, with many other cubes appealing to more than this Premium-Feeling cube.

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great cube. For the price, I would say, the cube matches and follows with no trouble, for this cube had huge expectations that GANCube have met. Definitely a great cube that are the mains of many, however, how does it compare to the rest? And is there any competition?

Why is the GAN 11 M Pro NOT the best speedcube?

You may be wondering why the GAN 11 M Pro isn’t the best speedcube, and that is based purely on price. The overall cube would be slightly better than the WR M 2020, however, wouldn’t appeal to those who would prefer a much cheaper option. Putting into perspective, the GAN 11 M Pro is almost double the price of the WR M 2020, however, don’t let that stop you. The GAN 11 M Pro is still a really great cube that would appeal to MANY cubers who don’t have a budget, or perhaps cubers who are looking for the BEST cube to compete with.

gan 356xs switches

The GAN 356XS also isn’t the best at the price-point, with this cube being slightly outdated considering it’s release date in 2019, however, the cube is still really great, controllable, and overall a great cube to main, but the WR M 2020 appears to have topped the charts this time around, with it’s smooth turning and updated hardware with their somewhat “honeycomb” like design on the insides of their pieces.


GAN 11 M Pro