The brand-new GAN Cube is a special edition GAN356M which was released in 2020 and weighed 74g, hence the name SE which stands for Special Edition. The cube was designed accordingly to “Chinese New Year” which is when this cube will probably be released. Due to the fact this is a Special Edition cube, nothing much should be expected except for a design change which we will look at soon enough.

gan356m speedcube

Design + Box

The GAN356 M SE uses GAN 11 M Pro plastic, with primary internals as well as the traditional honeycomb design. In terms of the box, the box is red, with scattering letters going down the side. You can tell that GAN have been planning this for a long time as they have gone away from their traditional box design and moved to something brand-new. Inside the box would be a regular GAN Pamphlet, Bag, GES options, and finally, the irregular item of the Red Tinted 356X Box (with the single edge hinge).

You can tell GANCube have been working on something that looks appealing in order to truly emphasise the beauty of Chinese New Year, which this year, would be the “Year of the Ox.”


In terms of what is inside this newly produced cube, we can see that there will be non-adjustable magnets, however, the cuber will have free-roam with the GES, with there being 4 colours to choose from: Blue GES; Yellow GES; Purple GES; and Green GES.

I personally wouldn’t mind this, due to the fact that this is only a special edition cube, and not a brand new mid-range cube to compete with the rest, and so I wouldn’t mind non-adjustable magnets at all, considering the multiple options already that exist for people who would prefer customizability on their mains.


Overall, the idea of the cube is to provide a better design and controllability than the original GAN 356M which had black internals, comparing to the primary internals of this new edition, the primary versions providing a smooth turning style, whist the black versions provide a snappy and faster turning style.


GAN 11 M Pro