Rubik’s Cube Museum

In March of 2012 the Hungarian governor Fürjes Balazs announced official the plans of a Rubik’s Cube museum which will exhibit the last 1100 years of the Hungarian intellectual performance. Following the announcement, the Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor and Rubik Erno signed the memorandum of cooperation.

According to the plans the construction of the Rubik’s Cube shaped museum will begin on the 40th anniversary of the invention in 2014, which is also the 70th birthday of the inventor, Rubik Erno. The museum might open for the public in 2017 next to the Rákóczi Danube bridge in Budapest.

rubiks cube museum budapest Rubiks Cube Museum

The Prime Minister said that the Rubik’s Cube is the symbol of the Hungarian intellectual spirit and the Government is confident that the new Rubik’s Cube Museum will become the symbol of the Hungarian renaissance in the 21st century.

Next year the government will announce an international architectural competition for the project. They are also planning a moving exhibition for the 40th anniversary of the Magic Cube which will present the history and diversity of the cube around the world.

After the announcement the Prime Minister and Rubik Erno signed the memorandum of cooperation in which the inventor approves that the museum can have the shape of the cube patented by him and the government welcomes any proposal and idea of Rubik Erno.


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