Ruwix – Online Rubik’s Cube And Other Twisty Puzzle Programs And Articles

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Ruwix provides a large collection of free online Rubik’s Cube and other twisty puzzle related programs, tutorials and articles.

The most visited feature of this website is the Rubik’s Cube solver program which helps people solve the World’s most popular puzzle game. Just input the colors of the scrambled Magic Cube, hit the Solve button and follow the steps leading to the solution.

The CubeTimer stopwatch with built-in scramble generator helps you keep track of your solution times and provides statistics on a graphical interface. You don’t need to buy a Stackmat timer, just press the Space button to start the clock.

Puzzle scramble programs are always used on official cubing events and they guarantee that all puzzles are jumbled properly and all competitors have equal chances. Ruwix provides scramblers for all the official WCA puzzles:

Try to solve these puzzles online with the simulators. Every simulator is equipped with a scramble button which messes them up and you can execute the basic operations with mouse clicks or your keyboard. Find detailed descriptions on how to use them on the allocated pages.

On the Rubik’s Cube page and their sub pages you can read interesting articles, learn the notation and to solve it with the beginner’s and then the advanced method. Learn about the inventor, puzzle solving robots and browse other related articles. When you are confident take the puzzle quiz and find out how much you have learned.

The Rubik’s Cube is just the top of the iceberg, there are so many other puzzle variations which have evolved from it. Gain insight into the World of twisty puzzles by reading the descriptions and solution tutorials of the most common puzzles like Void cube, Square-1, Pyraminx, Skewb, just to mention a couple.

Be welcome to take a look around on this website and if you have something to share, your feedback is much appreciated! Don’t forget to Like and Share! :)