Rubik’s Cube Notation

For the Advanced Notations click here.To describe a rotation on the cube we use letters. That’s what we call the Rubik’s Cube Notation.

A single letter by itself means to turn that face clockwise 90 degrees.
A letter followed by an apostrophe means to turn that face counterclockwise 90 degrees.
A letter with the number 2 after it means to turn that face 180 degrees.
e.g. R U R’ U R U2 R’ U

There is an other commonly used notation where the uppercase mean a clockwise and the lowercase means counterclockwise turns.
e.g. R U r U R U2 r U

For the beginner’s method you just have to know the simple F (front), B (back), R (right), L (left), D (down), U (up) turns but there are more complicated moves for speedcubers which manipulate the middle layer or two layers at the same time or reorient the whole cube.

Click on the buttons to see what the rotations mean

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