Gaspo GPO Snowblades

The new GPO Snowblades or Skiboards from Gaspo with Tyrolia release bindings are 99 cm long with 7 m radius and come in various color schemes. You can choose your own pair of GPO Snowblades from the Crystal, Butterfly, Peace, Race Shorty, Swing or Gamble (see picture). They are available for sale from 2012 and it costs around 200 euros.

Safety and Innovation

These new Gaspo products make the transition between skiing and snowboarding thanks to the twin-tip design. The laminated sandwich wood core gives appropriate robustness for the pipe and slope, depending on body weight and snow conditions at the appropriate shapes. The optimal carving and running is guaranteed. The newly developed PTS (Power Transformer String) gives an optimized power transmission from the binding to the blades via the carbon-string.

The GPO Snowblades are equipped with Tyrolia SR 100 release bindings gives safety thanks to the fine adjustment and newly developed lock which can be opened by hand, by stick or boots All models are available with security bond.

Manufacturers recommended retail price is 259 Euro.

GPO Snowblades Skiboards 99cm

Update 2012 December

I have just tried my brand new GPO Funcarver Snowblades 125cm

Gaspo GPO Snowblades Skiboards 125cm

Finally the winter is here and I have just got back from the first ski trip of this season.The weather was nice but the Sun didn't came out. So today I had the chance to try my new Gaspo GPO snowblades what I bought a couple of weeks ago from the austrian ebay for 180 euros. Let me say that I made a bargain because these really do a good job compared to its price. The only strange thing about it is that they seemed to be a little heavy compared to its size but I'm going to compare it with other skis to make sure. I fell once and the release bindings did their job and saved my legs from being hurt.