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The most important Rubik's Cube Headlines in 2020

2020 has been a wild year, with Covid-19 providing a tricky situation for cube competitions and more, however, through the internet cubers have collaborated together in order to make 2020 not only a bad year, but a collective year of fun and world records, despite the lack of competitions. This article goes over 2020 and some of the best moments

covid rubik's cube
SARS-CoV-2 shaped Rubik's Cube


Top 3 Languages to Program Rubik's Cube

Manufactured and distributed in 1980, the Rubik’s Cube is one of the timeless toys that never fail to bring nostalgia to anyone every age. After its initial popularity, the puzzle became a source of great frustration for the people...

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World's largest Rubik's Cube - 1.68m

wes nelson largest Rubiks Cube

The World's largest fully functional Rubik's Cube was unveiled on August 22, 2018 at Telus Spark, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The cube was built by the Canadian Wes Nelson and it's 1.68m (5 foot 6.25 inches) high, braking Tony Fisher's 1,57m record, built in 2016 and accepted by Guiness World Records.

largest rubiks cube record 1.68m


How to put a Rubik's Cube in a bottle?

rubiks cube in bottle

The idea of impossible bottles is to take things that could not possibly go through the mouth of a bottle and put them inside anyways. These tricks require dexterity, patience, and a great deal of lateral thinking.
impossible bottle rubiks cube

New Rubik's Cube World Record by Feliks Zemdegs

feliks zemdegs 4.22 rubiks cube world record

Feliks Zemdegs, Australian speedcuber has set a new Rubik’s Cube world record single (not average) in the first round of the Cube for Cambodia 2018 on May 6th, 2018 Victoria, Melbourne Australia. The time was just a mere 4.22 seconds, 3 tenths of a second faster than the previous record held by Feliks Zemdegs and SeungBeom Cho (조승범) of 4.59 seconds. He now owns the World record single again making it a solo title. The cube used to break the record was a Angstrom Gan Air Sm.

feliks zemdegs 4.22 rubiks cube world record

Amazing Rubik’s Cube Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Top lists with similar titles are very popular, especially on YouTube so here's our list about our favorite puzzle. We all know what the Rubik’s Cube is, and we most likely have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to solve the puzzle. Apart from that, what else do you know about it? Here, we will explore the history, its background and other amazing Facts.

amazing rubiks cube facts


Shredding a Rubik's Cube


Will Smith demonstrating how to solve the Rubik's Cube

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Feliks Zemdegs tied the Rubik's Cube World Record

Feliks Zemdegs, Australian speedcuber has tied the previous 4.59 seconds Rubik's Cube single record of SeungBeom Cho, registered less than 3 months ago. The two cubers now share the world record for the fastest solution time on an official WCA competition. They both have PLL skips, which means a lucky situation when the pieces come together when they reach the very last step of the advanced method (CFOP).

feliks zemdegs rubiks cube record 459


Changes to the World Cube Association Regulations in 2018

Recently, the World Cube Association Regulations Committee have made changes to the regulations that govern competitive speedcubing which have gone into effect as of the 1st of January 2018. Some of the most notable changes include puzzles with any sort of logo now illegal for blind events, competitors are now allowed to use their hands to inspect the puzzle prior to solving with their feet, and competitors now being allowed to use any “pillowed” puzzle when previously only pillowed 7x7x7 were only legal.

blindfolded solve

33x33x33 Rubik's Cube - World Record

We have published an article in 2016 about the World's largest order NxNxN Rubik's Cube-like twisty puzzle, the 22x22x22 cube created by corenpuzzle which exploded many times. This record was broken when the 33x33x33 cube came to live and announced today (Dec 2 2017).

33x33x33 rubiks cube


Rubik's Cube World Record: SeungBeom Cho 4.59

This record has been broken!

The Korean SeungBeom Cho (조승범) set a new Rubik's Cube World Record in the first round of the ChicaGhosts 2017 competition on October 28, 2017 Chicago, Illinois USA. With a 4.59 seconds solution he shaved off one tenth of a second from the record of Patrick Ponce which lasted only two months. This result brings the title back to Asia after 9 years. He used a magnetic MoYu WeiLong GTS2M cube on this competition.

seungbeom sho rubiks cube record 4.59 seconds


Rubik's Cube World Record - Patrick Ponce 4.69

This record has been broken: SeungBeom Cho (4.59).

15 year old Patrick Ponce (USA) set a new Rubik's Cube Word record single with an amazing 4.69 seconds result on the second round of the Rally In The Valley 2017 Middletown, Virginia USA competition on 2nd September 2017. He managed to shave four hundredth of a second from the former record set by Feliks Zemdegs, who is still holding the average record with 5.97 seconds.

patrick ponce world record single 4.69


Rubik's Cube World Championships 2017 Paris

Most hobbies or sports have one competition, normally annually or biannually, that trumps the rest in terms of the competition, the stakes and the glory. We have the World Cup, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Winter Games and many more. Rubik’s Cube speedsolving has its own version – The World Championships. Every two years, some of the fastest speedcubers across the globe meet at one venue to compete for the World Champion title in their respective events.

rubiks cube world championship paris 2017
Erno Rubik the inventor of the Cube and Max Park, the winner of the Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 Paris


Feliks Zemdegs world record average: 5.97 seconds

The Australian speedcubing legend Feliks Zemdegs broke the Rubik's Cube World Record average with 5.97 seconds in Latin America Cubing Tour 2017 - Chía, Colombia on June 28, 2017. The previous 6.39 record was held by Max Park (USA). Feliks Zemdegs currently holds the World Record for the fastest solve on a competition with 4.73 seconds which he set in December 2016.

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