Solve Rubiks cube

Today I read some stories about guys telling how they learned to solve Rubiks cube. They tell different stories, most of them had the cube scrambled and never solved for a long while. Many of them used an online Rubik's cube solver program to get it done for the first time.

We've allways had a cube at home but I could solve only a single face of it. I did the white face all the time, but when I tried to go on and entirely sove Rubiks cube I messed up the white face. Actually I didn't think about a layer-by-layer method, I thought that the faces have to be done one after each other. Then I did it with an online solver.

Some first experiences and stories on how people learned to solve Rubiks cube

ThePuzzler96 says:

I was at gordmans, and my sister was trying on clothes, so I went back to the toy's section. The Rubik's Cube was on sale, so I got it for like $7.99
I solved one side in the car (so proud), got home, and watched Dan's Brown's tutorial cuz it was the 1st thing to come up when I googled "How to cheat on a Rubik's Cube" and I learned. It took me like a week to learn (I'm stupid, I know), and now 19 months later, I'm stuck with inconsistent 12's-14's... Yeah.

Dane man's story:

When i was five i got my first cube. It took me a month to figure out the first layer then the second layer in a day. Thats as far as i got until i was about 10. 
I got a new cube and tried again and finally figured out the last layer (4 algs), which werent very efficient. With that method, i got a record of 51 seconds. A few months ago (7-8 years later), I started trying to optimize my method (convert the algs to finger-tricks) my record went to 47 on the first try. So i started reinventing a new method with a 3 look LL and took the corner permutations from the CFOP method, the rest i have to create still. 
I completed the last 2 look alg sets and am currently working on the final (edges done in 1 alg). My current record is 27.5 with an average of 38-ish, and should be reduced soon 🙂


I was nine, my uncle gave me my first cube (a studio cube, but I didn't know it back then) it was missing the white center cap so he put white-out on it. He told me if I could solve it he would give me $20. I took it home and showed it to my friend. He solved it using beginners method, he had about 3 cubes. He tried to teach me but I never got the hang of it. 
I then moved to England and asked my dad to get me a cube, I dissembled the other one and thought I broke it. I learned how to solve the cube before I actually got one. When I finally got my cube it took me 3 tries to solve rubiks cube. for the next few years I just solved it here and there, I tried to learn fridrich but never did.
Now about 3 months ago I started speedcubing because I found my cube thought I wanna try speed solving again. I now know intuitive f2l, 4LL, have a non-lucky PB of 29.33 and can solve many other puzzles


I remember as a we lad my dad trying to solve the cube. He was using a very early-80's solving guide (hey, it was the early 80's ) and I don't remember him ever completing it. All I remember is cross shapes.
Fast forward 30 or so years (to 5 days ago, in fact), and I found a video of someone solving in sub-10 seconds. That prompted a trip to Youtube and asking my wife to pick up a cube on her way home from work.
Four days later I'm averaging 2:30 with a *very* sticky cube (failed lube attempt - already washed well, going to try the 24 mod to see if it helps). I just placed my order for an FII and a DaYan GuHong and some Maru lube. I <3 new toys!
Hoping to get down around 1:30 and start learning F2L.

If you also want to solve Rubiks cube go find the Online solver or the tutorial on how to do it on Ruwix
The experiences above were taken from the SpeedSolving forum.