The best free blogging websites

Recently I had to create 20 micro blogs so I've registered on a couple of free blogging websites. It turned out it's not so simple to find that many functional blogging sites. I think the biggest blog sites like WordPress, BlogSpot or Tumblr fave taken over the majority of the market and the small ones are closing business or they're struggling for survival. I had to find 20 working sites at all costs.

In the following article I'm going to share my experience about the free blogging websites I tried. Please note that the comments and ratings below are reflecting my own opinion. This review was created in January 2013.

Site My Opinion WP dashboard, themes, polls, galleries; Didn't like that 1/3 of the pages are ads by Google, posts and sidebar only, themes, recommended for SEO ugly old looking, throws errors nice drag and drop site builder; html, gallery, map, guestbook and other widgets education WP blogging service mainly for students and teachers; preinstalled themes and plugins easy to use sitebuilder, every new hub must be approved by admin ugly old looking, gives Internal Server Errors, requires a one time $3 fee recommended for artists; responsive design; animated blog; easy to use dashboard difficlt to use, read more link didn't work for me; themes; posts, calendar, comments nice dashboard, easy to use, simple posts templates; pages and blog functionality; when you create a new site pages are added with functionality create lenses (pages about a topic). They must contain at least 5 widgets like html, video, poll, ebay, comments social networking microblogging website, easy to use; over 77 million blogs nice drag and drop admin interface, pages with html, contact form, search box; themes WordPress, over 56 million individual blogs old-looking site

Here are 3 sites which provide free web hosting with PHP - MySql. You can easily install a WordPress on these: free hosting; no ads; you get a url like free hosting, no ads you get a url like free hosting; ads in the header; no FTP connection; you get a url like

And finally some sites which I tried but they weren't working for some reason: login problems WordPress, responds slow my blog disappeared not free can't register Server not found no new accounts can be created. Check back The connection has timed out The connection has timed out can't register fatal error not free can't sign in can't register not free no links allowed, travelblog not free can't publish Not working