Rubik's Cube Solver for mobile devices

The mobile version of the Rubik's Solver program is not using all the latest features, click here to switch to the desktop version.

This small Rubiks Cube Solver was designed for mobile devices like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile. It works similar to the normal sized Rubik's Solver for desktops.

Set the color of the scrambled 3x3x3 Cube using the color selector. You can scramble the puzzle using the rotation buttons or generate a random scramble pressing the 'Scramble' button. If you can set the color easier if the cube is unfolded you can easily switch between the 2D and 3D views in the tab menu. Click the 'Help' button to get more guidance.

When you made sure that the cube is properly scrambled hit the 'Solve' button and the program will show you the steps leading to the solution in less than a second. You will see a list of permutations you have to follow to get the puzzle unjumbled. If you don't understand what these letters mean please visit the Rubiks' Cube Notation page where you find the detailed explication. You can play the solution process just like a video tape to see how the steps follow each other. When you get to the end and made everything right you must have a solved cube in your hand. If you messed it up go 'Back' and give it one more try.

If you want to embed this Rubik's Solving Program in your website or blog you can do it very simple. Find the embed code on the Widget's page

How to use the Rubik's solving program

To watch the tutorial video on how to use the Rubik's Cube solver please click here: youtube. The video is available in HD resolution so I recommend to set the quality to the best you can.