Play Hungarian Rings online!

play online hungarian rings puzzle

Online Hungarian Rings Simulator

The goal is to bring back the puzzle to the initial position when all colors were coherent. That's not going to be an easy task because the rings intersect at two points so the circles are switching two marbles at the same time when you rotate them.

Every position can be considered a valid solution where the colored balls are grouped together by color. You can always check one possible solution under the 'Hint' section in the menu.

Use your keyboard to rotate the rings: the Z, X buttons are allocated to the left, while you can turn the right ring with the N, M keys. A faster way of turning the puzzle is hovering over one of the circles and scrolling your mouse up or down. The third one is clicking or tapping the left or right side of the ring you want to turn in the desired direction. This way the selected circle will turn until you release the mouse click, or finish tapping on mobile. You can always find a quick reminder of these under the 'Controls' section.

The Reset button brings back the Hungarian Rings to the solved position, while the Scramble button provides a quick scramble. The clock starts automatically when the scramble is finished or it can be stopped and restarted manually by clicking the timer button.