Pyraminx Scrambler

This online scrambler generates a random permutation for a Pyraminx and displays an image of how the unfolded twisty puzzle will look after you have applied all these rotations to an unscrambled Pyraminx.
Start the Pyraminx Scrambler
Pyraminx puzzle Scrambler
You can use the following settings to adjust the scramble:
Scrambles: Set how many scrambles you want to generate.
Length: Set the length of one scramble. To see how the unscrambled puzzle looks, set this number to 0.
Separate: Activating this checkbox the program will insert separators into the algorithm after every five rotation for a better readability.
Orient: On official WCA competitions Pyraminx are scrambled with the yellow face on bottom and the green face on the front. If this is not possiblethen the lightest face on the bottom and the darkest adjacent face on the front. Check this box if you need a random initial orientation to be applied.

The FRU only setting is inactive for the Pyraminx.

The Notation of the Pyraminx

Pyraminx puzzle NotationThe Pyraminx is a tetrahedral puzzle and we will mark all the four corners with a letter the way you see on the picture. The capital letters mean you have to turn two layers of the current corner and the minuscules mean just a cornerpiece rotation. The cornerpieces are outer pieces not connected to each other so every one of them is turned maximum once at the end of the algorithm if the scramble length is bigger than 6. A letter by itself means a clockwise rotation and if there's an apostrophe after it then you have to do a counterclockwise turn.