Online Rubik's Cube Programs

On this page you can find a collection of Rubik's Cube and other twisty puzzle related online programs such as simulators, timers, scramblers, widgets and more. You are welcome to use all of them for free.

Rubik’s Cube Solver

Online Rubik's Cube Solver ProgramThis online program can be used as a Rubik's Cube solver or as a Rubik's simulator but you can also generate images and widgets with it. It will calculate the solution for your 3x3x3 Rubik's puzzle if you have scrambled and can't figure out how to solve it. You just have to input the colours of your Magic Cube and the program will show you how to fix it. You can also use this program as a Rubik's Cube simulator. Hit the Scramble button and try to solve it online using the rotation buttons or drag the faces with your mouse!

Puzzle Simulators

rubiks cube simulatorPlay online with all the official WCA competition puzzles: Pyraminx, Megaminx, Rubik's Clock, Square-1 and NxNxN magic cubes from 2x2x2 to 11x11x11. There are other puzzle simulators available, such as the Hungarian Rings puzzle simulator or the 15 Puzzle simulator which allows you to upload your own images.


Online Rubik's Cube Stopwatch Timer - CubetimerSpeedcubers use Stackmat timers to measure their solution times. On Ruwix you can find an online timer designed for cubers which will make your statistics, display them grapically and generate a random scramble. You can print your measured times on a nice looking sheet. The timer adapts to your screen size so you don't need to download an application to run it on your mobile device.


Rubiks Cube scramble generatorOn official WCA cubing competitions they use computer generated programs to ensure every puzzle is scrambled properly and every competitor has equal chances. Using this online application you can generate and visualize scrambles for every WCA puzzles: 2x2x2 cube - 7x7x7 cube, Square-1, Rubik's Clock, Megaminx and Pyraminx.

Image Maker

3x3 image generatorThis is an easy to install php Rubik's image generator where you can set the parameters through the url. You can also use the Rubik's solver to save the picture of the scrambled cube. Just set the colours of the fields and hit the Generate image button. You can set the background colour, the colour scheme, image size, view angle, image extension and the view of the stickers.

Rubik's Cube algorithm widget

rubiks algorithm widget3D HTML canvas widget to display Rubik's Cubes and an algorithm in a fancy interactive way. Use the editor page to set up your settings then access the generated cube on a custom url or embed it on your website in an iframe.


You can find embed codes for most of these programs if you want to display them on your website. Feel free to use them.

Third Party Cubing Apps

Many cubers would use Rubik’s Cube Apps, whether that be to learn algorithms for certain methods of solving the cube, or to save solves by timing them, apps are very useful to learn and to store information.
But what are the main third party apps? And which are the most recommended? You'll find the most popular cubing apps below.

Cube Timers


We will begin with the second most recommended Timer of all time. CSTimer is a great timer that is easy to pick up and has amazing features, with the UI being incredible with the new CSTimer+ which can be added to your CSTimer in order to make it look great.


It may not look any different, however, as you can see, CSTimer+ has a more “bubbly” looks to it whereas CSTimer Regular has a more cutting edge look which doesn’t look more appealing than the newest version.

In addition to this, CSTimer has a lot of brand-new features. For example, Tingman, Olor, LightsCameraCubing and SpeedCubeReview have been added to the timer to speak your inspection times, speaking “8 seconds… 12 seconds” as your normal competition adjudicator would tell you… But it’s not only this. These YouCubers also have sneaky messages for different milestones so make sure that you try this app out.

Twisty Timer

Moving onto mobile, this time is the way to go. With its default blue UI, Twisty Timer has a nice and unique look, and is my recommendation for best timer mobile app. The only downfall is that you need to install an application while there are many online timers that work in your web browser on desktop and mobile.

The Timer has nice statistics in order to see your time trends and how well you are improving throughout sessions.

twisty timer

As you can see from this image, they have a range of detailed statistical graphs, to algorithm trainers and more. Definitely the most recommended Mobile Timer, available on Android only, however, there are IOS alternatives.

Smart Timers


Cubeast is a good edition to the smartcube world, with this timer only being compatible with smartcubes, such being the Giiker Cube, the GAN I Play, the GAN I Carry and more. As well as this, the timer features amazing, simplistic design as well as the ability to connect a smart timer to. As you can choose to either start the timer with the keyboard, or with a smart timer such as the GAN Timer that conveniently is out now.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with a regular cube, although the timer is still great for statistical value as well as the Premium feature that adds a lot of new options to the app.


Moving onto a good Mobile SmartCube timer, CubeStation fills in all of the blanks with their features. With their incredible UI, and their motion tracking skills, this app has it all for smartcubes, making this the most recommended smart cube app on mobile and maybe even overall. Why? Well GAN have been working a lot…

CubeStation is a timer that starts when you first turn the face of your smartcube and ends once it is solved – already that is amazing as it has to recognise when you’re done. Not only this, but the app has an “online battling system” for you to verse cubers who are also on the app, anytime and anywhere in the world


And even then, it hasn’t stopped. It has compatibility with IOS and Android making for a great compatible timer for all of your needs. And it also has the regular statistics of other timers but arranges it in a very unique way with statistics showing up with appealing visuals. Definitely recommended.

Rubik’s Connected

If you have heard of the Rubik’s Connected cube, then you would have heard of this app. Rubik’s Connected is a mobile app that connects with the Rubik’s Connected Puzzle. However, you may be thinking… what is the difference between this and CubeStation. Well…

This app focuses mainly on teaching you the puzzle, with the main focus being “beginner friendly,” as you may see from the image below. This image shows you the basics, notations etc.

rubiks connected

However, it’s not only this that makes this a good app. As you can see from the second and third images, this app has convenient and great challenges and “modes/games” to try out with your Rubik’s Connected which other cube apps don’t have, which is why this is great to see in this app.

Algorithm Trainer


Although this isn’t an app. It is still a great website for learning any kind of algorithm, from 2x2 EG-1, to Square-1 EP algorithms, this does it all from 2x2, 3x3 and Square-1. Great algorithms as well as highlighting the ones that people use the most, is a great website.


This is one of my recommended alg trainers, however, there is still one more to go…

Many cubers should’ve heard of this site, it is an algorithm teacher made by JPerm (Dylan Wang) who is a cubing YouTuber that appears to have made his own site in order to help people in the future. With amazing design and 3x3 algorithms (PLL/CLL/Winter Variation) to actually learning to solve the 2x2 and 4x4 which is amazing. As well as many other events such as 3x3 Tutorial and 3x3 Blind which many algorithm trainers don’t include, so this is one of a kind.