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Skewb twisty puzzle official notationThe Skewb became an official WCA event on January 1 2014. On this page I'm going to present how to use the Skewb Scrambler and how to read its notation.
The popularity of this deep-cut puzzle is continuing to grow and there has been a high demand and strong support from the cubing community for the addition over the past few years.
The notation of the Skewb uses F, R, B, L letters which refer to a one-third clockwise rotation of the four bottom corners. The letter followed by an apostrophe means a counterclockwise rotation. The top center piece always remains still.

Skewb puzzle Scrambler

There are multiple settings available for this online Skewb scrambler. You can set the amount of scrambles you want to execute. The default scramble length is set to 25 steps, but you can easily change this number.
Check in the Separate option to activate a function which groups the rotations for a better readability.
The Orient lets you generate a random initial orientation. When inactive the color scheme will always be the same.

I hope this scrambler will help you with your Skewb!