Twisty Puzzle Scramble Generators

In this twisty puzzle scramble generator collection you can find online scramblers for the official WCA puzzles: Square-1, Rubik's Clock, Skewb, Megaminx, Pyraminx and NxNxN puzzles from the 2x2x2 to the 11x11x11, including the classic Rubik's Cube scrambler. The program can be used to generate random letters and numbers too.

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The collectin includes:

puzzle scramble generator

You might ask yourself why would you need a program to scramble your Rubik's Cube because even a baby can do it. The point is that on official cubing events they use computer generated permutations to scramble the puzzles assuring this way that the speedcubers have equal chances and all the puzzles are scrambled properly. These scramble generator programs use an advanced algorithm to generate a random scramble.

How to use the Scrambler?

You just need to select the type of the puzzle and hit the Scramble button. The scrambler program will generate a random permutation for your Rubik's Cube or other puzzle and show you how it will look after you apply the rotations. This feature is useful to make sure you have scrambled the puzzle correctly. There are other settings at your disposal which help you customize the procedure:

Scrambles: Set how many scrambles you want to generate. This number may vary from 1 to 99 and it must be a valid integer. The bigger this number is the longer it takes the program to finish the calculations.

Length: Set the length of one scramble. This must be a number between 0 and 999. To see how the unscrambled puzzle looks, set this number to 0. Setting an invalid value will result a popup alert warning you to set a new number. Please consider that setting these two parameters too high might make the scrambling time take too long.

Separate: Too long scrambles may be easier to read if there's a break after every five moves. Activating this checkbox the program will insert separators into the algorithm for better readability.

Orient: On official WCA competitions cube puzzles and Megaminx are scrambled with the white face on top and the green face on the front. If this is not possible then the lightest face on the top and the darkest adjacent face on the front. Check this box if you need a random initial orientation for the puzzle.

FRU only: ie Front-Right-Up only. Set this if you want to use only these rotations to scramble the Rubik's Cube and other twisty puzzles.

Due to the big diversity of the puzzles these parameters are not always active. For example you can't set the Rubiks' Clock to scramble with FRU only because it uses an other notation.

The Official WCA Regulations regarding the scramble of the puzzles:

  • 4a ) A scrambler applies scramble sequences to the puzzles.
  • 4b) Puzzles must be scrambled using computer-generated random scramble sequences.
  • 4b1) Generated scramble sequences must not be inspected before the competition, and must not be filtered or selected in any way by the WCA Delegate.
  • 4b2) Scramble sequences for a round must be available only to the WCA Delegate and the scramblers for the event, until the end of the round. Exception: For Fewest Moves Solving, competitors receive scrambling sequences during the round.
  • 4d) Scrambling orientation:
  • 4d1) Cube puzzles and Megaminx are scrambled with the white face (if not possible, then the lightest face) on top and the green face (if not possible, then the darkest adjacent face) on the front.
  • 4d2) Pyraminx are scrambled with the yellow face (if not possible, then the lightest face) on bottom and the green face (if not possible, then the darkest adjacent face) on the front.
  • 4d3) Square-1 are scrambled with the darker colour on front (out of the 2 possible scrambling orientations).
  • 4f) Competition scramble sequences must be generated using the current official version of the official WCA scramble program (available via the WCA website).
  • 4g) After scrambling a puzzle, the scrambler must verify that he has scrambled the puzzle correctly. If the puzzle state is wrong, he must correct it (e.g. by solving the puzzle and applying the scramble sequence again).
  • 4g1) Exception: For the 6x6x6 Cube and the 7x7x7 Cube, it is not necessary to correct the scramble, at the discretion of the WCA Delegate.