Rubik's Cube widgets and plugins

Rubik's Cube widgets and pluginsAlmost every Rubik's Program you can find on this website are collected here so you can embed them in your website, portal, facebook profile or anywhere you want. Feel free to use these plugins, they are all free, the only thing I'm asking you to leave the Ruwix logo leading to this website visible so others can find this website. If you have any suggestion how could I improve or you have a new widget idea please share with me. Any special request is welcome.

You don't have to worry about the updates, every necessary modification will be online automatically.

Technical background

It's really simple to embed these Rubik's Cube widgets, just choose the appropriate size for you and embed in your HTML the code you find on the plugin's page. It's really simple, you don't have to include any functions it's up and running in a matter of a second.

You can find the plugins in a variety of sizes fitting PC monitors, facebook pages (500 px), and mobile devices (300 px). You can use whichever you want.

The widgets use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Almost every browsers and mobile devices can handle these and you don't have to install any extension like flash player or Java.

The programs were tested with all major web browsers and mobile devices.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions, and please report if you find any bugs in any of the applications.

Widgets launched so far: