Crossword Puzzles for Children

Our capacity to think makes us the superior species. We often underestimate the competence of our brain. Besides the fundamental functioning, it is capable of doing much more. If we do not push our limits we will never realize. There are several ways to enhance our thinking ability and put it into practical use in our daily lives. One such is doing crossword puzzles.

For children, solving crosswords can expand the horizon of thoughts and ideas by triggering their mind to think. Since they are still at a developing stage it is best to start early. Some other amazing benefits of crossword puzzles for children are listed below.

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1. Expand Vocabulary

Crossword puzzles are all about words. Finding the right one and fitting it correctly in the blocks. The more you seek to find words the more your vocabulary expands. Research conducted by experts has shown the influence of crosswords on a positive improvement of vocabulary among children.

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Now, a good vocabulary is having a good knowledge of words and forming them into a sentence. These sentences form the structure of our language. Having good terminology benefits our verbal communication. If we are able to add new words to our glossary every time we solve a puzzle, we can use them in our conversations practically. Improving your child’s communication skills can start with solving crossword puzzles. They are going to enter the mainstream world very soon where they will have to interact with tons of people. A smooth talk without fumbles definitely makes an impression.

To practice it, there are certain tips which can be applied the next time you sit for solving crossword puzzles.

  • When you see a new word, try to make use of it in your sentences verbally or in writing. Unless you use it you will forget it.
  • See how the word is used in a sentence. How it has been used contextually. This will help in understanding its meaning.

2. Learn Spelling

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Besides enhancing verbal communication, solving crossword puzzles also improves writing skills of children. They have to think of words and this emphasizes on spellings in their mind. Repeatedly practicing something always makes the memory last. This game, when played on a regular basis, augments the child’s capacity to remember words along with their spellings. How does it do that? You might be wondering. The basic theory is, our visual memories help us remember things more. Studies have proven this statement time and again. Children learn some spelling rules in their school. Puzzles provide an opportunity to apply those rules during leisure hours. If you are stuck with some word you can always get the nearest help from parents or elders. There are several other ways to find a clue and get your answer like online crossword solvers to help you solve your puzzles by identifying the suitable word.

3. Develops Brain Functioning

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Crosswords puzzles are complicated and not easy to solve. When we stress on thinking or using the brain every day in games like puzzles or Sudoku it means we are exercising it. It is sharpening our brain and activating the cells resulting in a better brain functioning. We may be able to show our presence of mind or act and think intelligently when a situation demands. It can develop a critical thinking capacity. 

Children suffering from dementia or differently abled children can benefit from doing crossword puzzles. Their capacity to think and act is slower than other children. By making a routine of working on solving puzzles can give a lot of encouragement and help them grow every day. It can be an added advantage if they perform this while in a group. This will help them grow individually and develop their group bonding ability.

4. For Mental Health

We know we gain muscles or stay healthy when we exercise regularly. The same is with our brains. Putting it into use will enhance our mental health. Not putting into use shall result in dullness. We all want our children to excel in their lives personally and professionally. By introducing children to crossword puzzles is taking the first step towards reaching that goal.

Solving crossword puzzles also boost their confidence in real lives. Your child will gain some encouragement from being able to solve puzzles which indirectly instills self-belief for solving any real-life problems they may encounter.

Mental health also includes depression, stress or anxiety which is seen among children in today’s demanding world. Children tend to take stress for not being able to perform their best and goes into depression sometimes for letting their parents down. Channelizing this negative energy into a positive activity can help these young minds.

5. For a Better Performance

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When a child indulges in solving word puzzles regularly, she/he develops the capacity to perform better in their studies. This activity enables children at a very young age to reach a correct solution quicker. We all know the hardships of this competitive age. There are struggles to score well, to get admissions in high ranking universities and getting good jobs. To inculcate a sense of healthy competition and motivate children to surpass others will be beneficial in the long run.

Talking of performance and competition, we also are aware of the several tests children have to appear further for higher studies. One can do well in tests like aptitude, logical reasoning, and grammar or language skills if they built their capacity to perform faster.

Besides being a game to make your child sit quietly for some time, it can boost your child’s learning and cognitive development. Keep track of your child’s progress. It is good to start easy and then move on to more challenging puzzles. This will help in pushing their limits and expand knowledge. Now you know where to invest your and your children’s leisure time.

Author: Ross Geller

Ross is a creative writer who has many passions and interests. Personal development is one area where he likes to contribute as much as he can. He loves Travelling and explore new things Around.