Twisty Puzzles

A three dimensional twisty puzzle is usually made of a set of pieces that can change their position through a group of operations, obtaining different combinations. Physically, the rearrangement of positions is done through the rotation (twist) of some pieces around a point of the polyhedron (which may represent one of the pieces of the puzzle), which is usually located at the center of a face or a corner.

Often the puzzle pieces have one or more colours and the solved state is represented by the position in which each face of the polyhedron contains pieces of a single colour.

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These puzzles are all the descendants of the Rubik's Cube, invented in 1974 and there are countless variations of them.

In this section you can find a collection of solutions, descriptions, opinions, videos and more about the most popular twisty puzzles. It gives you a clue if you want to buy a puzzle or it helps you find their solution.

If you want to start collecting collect these toys you might find interesting the "Rubik's Cube Collection" page.

Twisty Puzzles
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