Jigsaw Puzzles

However this website is mainly dedicated to twisty puzzles, we thought it would be welcome to devote an article to a different kind of puzzle, but nonetheless enjoyable, the jigsaw puzzle.

Rubiks cube jigsaw puzzle

This tiling puzzle has got its name from the method used to create it, which was cutting a rectangular flat piece of wood with a picture on it, into smaller pieces with a jigsaw. Since the first jigsaw puzzles, they have changed the material used to create them from wood into cardboard. Paper-board puzzles were first put on market in the late 1800's and were primarily made for children. They were even used to teach geography by printing maps on the surface of the cardboards. Since then it has become more appealing to adults due to the fact that manufacturers develop more complex designs and they are more difficult to assemble.

Wikipedia jigsaw puzzle

There are many variations including the typical 300, 500, 750, 1000 piece puzzles, all these come in a large variety of sizes. The world's largest commercial puzzle has 32,256 pieces and measures 544 cm by 192 cm when assembled. You can also find three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles mostly made of wood, which you can only solve if you assemble them in a certain order. This makes them even more interesting. Another type of 3-D puzzle is a globe puzzle and although the assembled pieces form a single layer, the solved puzzle has a three-dimensional shape usually representing the Earth or the Moon.

Jigsaw puzzles make excellent presents. They are perfect for a lazy afternoon, whether enjoyed alone or in a group, solving them is a fun activity.

Many companies offer customers the chance to upload their own images and use them to create personalised puzzles for their loved ones.

Since it's the era of the internet, there are lots of websites allowing users to solve these puzzles online and free of charge. They offer a wide selection of jigsaw puzzles with thousands of beautiful images and different cuts, available for kids and adults as well.

Wikipedia jigsaw puzzle

The jigsaw puzzle has a cultural significance, being the logo of Wikipedia. It's an incomplete globe made of jigsaw pieces, where the missing pieces symbolize the room to add new information and the characters symbolizing the multilingualism of the website.