Skewb Blindfolded Method

This is a method on how to solve the Skewb blindfolded. There are a few steps in memo which need to be mastered as Skewb BLD is a little hard. You can also learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. So let’s get started!!

blindfolded puzzle solution

  1. Firstly, we choose any two adjacent corners with any one color common. Obviously another color has to be.
  2. We now mentally twist the corners and find an orientation where the common colors are adjacent on both faces. A.K.A we find the location of the 2 faces corresponding to the two common colors of the corners.
  3. After that, we fix any one of those two colors as our base color and keep it on the bottom, keeping the 2 corners we located in step 1 and 2, in the 2 back positions,I.e., in the BLD and BDR positions.
  4. Now we locate the other 2 corners of our base color and mentally insert them into the other 2 slots of our base color, disregarding orientation. This move takes 0-2 moves.
  5. While doing this, we assume positions of the centers and memorize them in positions of U, L, F, R, B, D.
  6. Then we memorize how each corner has to be twisted( CW or CCW) or find out which face each color of the base color and its opposite color is facing.
  7. Firstly, we insert the two corners in their slots.
  8. Now, all the corners are permuted!! 😀 so, making sure we know the locations of the centers AFTER the insertion of the 2 corners, we insert the center of the base color( Unless its already done) using ONLY U perms( just because it doesn’t change orientation or permutation of any other piece other than the 3 centers being cycled).
  9. Now we assume positions of the other 5 centers and solve them using U perms. Make sure you know which 3 centers you are cycling.
  10. Now that the centers are done, we just have to orient the corners. For this, we orient corners of the first layer by bringing them to the top layer and using pure pi algorithm to orient it and put it back.
  11. Note: we have to remember what all other corners were twisted on the top layer carefully.
  12. Next we orient the other 3 corners of the first layer. I suggest doing first layer coneres one by one, unless you are REALLY confident. So the sequence is like this: (setup) pure pi ( undo setup).
  13. Now after orienting corners of first layer, we end up with a pure pi, or a pure peanut or solved case on the last layer. Make sure you know your y and y’ carefully when you do this.


So now you have just solved your Skewb blindfolded!!!!! This is quite a safe method but takes some time to master. I myself haven’t yet mastered it. If you think this is quite slow, go ahead and learn one looking or memorize each and every sticker. Video walkthrough will be up soon!! 😀 Hope you understood and enjoyed!!! Enjoy Skewbing!!!