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Statistics by Ruwix.com
hanyadika van

Online Rubik's Cube Stopwatch Timer

Welcome to the online Rubik's Cube stopwatch timer with built-in scramble generator, graphical performance display, statistics calculator and more. I tried to incorporate useful Rubik's tools and make the timer as user-friendly as possible. The program detects the browser properties and renders the page optimized to the current screen resolution. You can easily test this feature resizing your browser. The layout is going to respond to the new size. This is the reason why the timer can be run well on any desktop resoultion. If you're using a mobile device please switch to the mobile Rubix Cube Timer which has a faster loading time because it doesn't use the graphical performance diagram.

Now you can easily print your statistics in a petty format pressing the allocated button. Please consider the environment before printing!

To start and stop the online Rubik's Cube stopwatch press the Space bar or click with the left mouse button on the lap time. You can activate the inspection time setting a desired value in the dedicated dropdown menu. If the inspection time is set the program will wait a couple seconds before the counter starts.

Every time the counter stops the program generates a new permutation to scramble your Rubik's Cube. You can also generate a new scramble simply clicking on the Scramble button. You can set the length of the shuffle up to 60 rotations which is needed for bigger puzzles. The default value for a classic 3x3x3 cube is 25. You can use the scrambler for multi layered puzzles setting the cube size up to 13x13x13. In this case after the rotation code will appear an index number which shows which layer has to be turned. For example R3' means that the third right layer has to be rotated counterclockwise. For a more detailed description read more about the Rubik's Cube notation.

Using the statistics

Each time you stop the online Rubik's Cube stopwatch the program automatically calculates the statistics based on the measured times. You can see your best, worst, average and the average of the last 5 lap times. There's also available a graphical interface where you can see your performance. You can delete the last measured time or start a new session with the dedicated buttons.

You can use this Rubik's Cube timer on your own website or blog for free. Find the embed code on the Rubik's stopwatch widgets page.