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Rubiks help
Rubiks help
Rubiks help
Set the scrambled cube and hit the 'Solve' button to find the solution

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Rubik's image generator

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Set the colors of the scrambled cube and the image options to generate the picture. Then right click on the image and click 'Save picture as...'

Invalid scramble
Invalid scramble
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Set the scrambled cube
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Online Rubik's Cube solver program

Couldn't figure out how to solve your Rubik's Cube? Just set the colors of the mixed puzzle, hit the solve button and follow the steps leading to the solution.

What can you do with this program?

  • Solve your scrambled Rubik's Cube - if you have a cube you couldn't solve for a long time this program will help you for sure.
  • Play online - hit the scramble button and try to solve it online dragging the layers with your mouse or using the allocated buttons or your keyboard.
  • Generate Rubik's Cube images - you can save the scrambled cube as a picture clicking on the 'Generate image' checkbox. Many formats and settings are available.
  • Generate Rubik's widget - Save your scramble state as an interactive widget.
  • Discover - learn notation, try patterns etc.

The best Rubik's algorithm finds the solution in maximum 20 steps (God's algorithm). Ruwix is a limited online program, not a supercomputer so the solution is far from the optimal. It gives you the solution in approximately 70 steps demonstrating how a layer-by-layer method works (similar to the beginner's method). Well trained speedcubers can perform even better but they won't use this program anyway. The goal was to build an online program which helps people who can't solve their Rubik's Cubes.

The solver uses JavaScript and is functional in the most common web browsers without any additional extension. But if you have installed and enabled the Java plugin then you can also use the 4th cube view to play back the solution. If the program doesn't respond please make sure that scripts are enabled on your browser. For iPhone, Android or other mobile users with a small screen resolution the program automatically switches to a smaller view to fit your device.

How to use the Rubik's Cube Solver?

To use the program all you have to do is to set the colors of your scrambled cube, press the Solve button and the program will show you the steps (rotations) needed to solve your puzzle. There are three different views to choose from, select whichever you like the most. While you're playing back the solution you can select a fourth view which uses Java TM. This interactive presentation allows you to drag and rotate the whole cube the way you want.

The program is working with any color scheme which uses these six colors: white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. It doesn't matter if the colors are not in this order on your cube because the program automatically determines the color settings according to the center pieces.

There are many ways to to set up the scrambled cube. You can pick a color on the palette, then paste it on one of the fields. You can also do multiple clicks on a field to change its color. Generate a random scramble, and reset the cube to the solved position with one click. Apply any basic rotation by clicking on one of the permutation buttons or by pressing the corresponding buttons on your keyboard: R, L, U, D, F and B. Drag a field with your mouse and rotate in the desired direction. Under the permutation buttons you can see the description of every button to help you understand what these permutations mean if you're not familiar with them.

After you set a valid scramble you can try to solve it online using the rotation buttons or click the Solve button and the program will show you the solution. Please be patient because depending on your internet connection and computer configuration this can take a while. After the program finds the solution it might ask you to reorient the puzzle in your hands because it will always solve the cube starting from the bottom layer.

Online Rubik's Cube Solver Program

Please double check your puzzle when the solver says Invalid scramble. You might have switched one or more pieces. Go back to the scramble page and try to find the problem.

After the orientation is right go ahead and apply the rotations given by the online Rubik's Cube solver. Respect the initial orientation, and make all the rotations right because if you miss one or make a wrong turn you end up with a scrambled cube. Be careful with the double turns which mean a 180 degree turn of a face. These are marked with 2X. You can play back the solution with the desired speed or click through the steps one by one any time you want. If you don't understand what the letters mean then click on them to see the illustration. For this to work you have to activate the Animate rotations function with the allocated checkbox. You also might find useful the Rubik's Cube Notation page where you can find a detailed explication about what the letters mean in the solution algorithm. There's also available a youtube video to demonstrate how the Rubik's Cube Solver program works.

After you successfully solved your puzzle go back to scramble a new cube.

A new feature of this online application is that you can save the scrambled cube as an image in three different formats with a few clicks: .jpg, .gif and .png. The saved picture is fully customizable. You can select the background color, the color scheme, the size of the image, the view angle, the thickness of the sticker borders and how far the stickers are from the body. To give this new feature a try click the 'Generate Image' button.

Save your current scramble as an interactive widget and embed it as an iframe on your website or simply save it's url.

Please contact us or use the comment section if you discover a bug in the program. Your feedback is much appreciated :)

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Program by Dénes Ferenc