Spot the difference game

The following picture pairs seem to be identic but that's just the first impression. Can you spot the small differences between these near-identical Rubik's Cube related images?

Click on the images and they will pop up. Hit the Esc button or click the image to close them. To reveal the solutions scroll to the bottom of this page.


Rubik's Cube wall-e spot the difference

If you've never played Photo hunt before you should begin with this warm-up puzzle. Starring Wall-E the roboton this one. I'm sure you'll easily find all the 7 differences.


Rubik's Cube halloween costume spot the difference

Some very happy guys on this picture, one of them wearing a Rubik's Cube costume. This one is not that hard yet. There are 9 differences between the two pictures.


Rubik's Cube wca speedcubing competition spot the difference

A photo taken on a Rubik's Cube competition. The room is full of speedcubers trying to solve the Rubik's Cube. It's not that easy to find all the 8 differences in the crowd.


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sport the difference walle rubiks robot solution
spot rubiks cube solver competition solution
spot rubix cube solver costume solution