Valentine's Day Rubik's Cube

Valentine's Day is approaching fast and a perfect gift idea for a Rubik's Cube fan would be the heart shaped YJ puzzle which is built on the same core system as the classic 3x3x3 Magic Cube. In this case not the 6 colors determine the solved state but the shape of the puzzle just like in the case of the Mirror Cube for example. It has a very good quality, it moves pretty smooth, and it doesn't have any peeling stickers.

3x3xx3 rubiks cube variations 3x3x3 Rubiks Variations
A scrambled heart puzzle among the
other 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube mods

Because of the symmetry of the heart shape the puzzle has some pieces that are almost identic and it's very hard to determine at the first sight if a piece fits right in a given position or not. You'll alvays have to try the pieces in every position, but even this way sometimes you can't be sure that they got to the right place because the differences between the parts are so small. This is the only bad thing about this Valentine's Day Rubik's Cube.

I've seen these beauties for sale on amazon for £10.

You can learn how to solve this puzzle with the beginner's method clicking here.

3x3x3 YJ Heart Puzzle 3x3x3 Rubik's Valentine's Day

So don't forget to surprise your loved one on February 14 and I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day!