World's largest Rubik's Cube - 1.68m

The World's largest fully functional Rubik's Cube was unveiled on August 22, 2018 at Telus Spark, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The cube was built by the Canadian Wes Nelson and it's 1.68m (5 foot 6.25 inches) high, braking Tony Fisher's 1,57m record, built in 2016 and accepted by Guiness World Records.

largest rubiks cube record 1.68m

The cube stands on a frame holding the three bottom center pieces, making it surprisingly easy to rotate the faces. The creator used cardboard, pipe, foam and vinyl and it cost around $2,500. A fun fact is that he can't solve the cube because he has been too busy working on this project.

Wes Nelson


We wanted to do a project for Erno Rubik's birthday. Just out of the blue we thought it was a cool project because the Rubik's Cube has a lot of engineering, it's a sculptural art piece and it really fits what we do.
- Wes Nelson, engineer.

rotating the worlds largest Rubiks Cube

Those who would like to try to solve it are welcome to visit Telus Spark science museum with interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations and educational demonstrations.

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