How to solve?

Create a puzzle with your own image!

Set up your own image and save the link of the generated page to challenge your friends!
All your settings and your image will be encoded in your URL.

To get the URL of an image in Google Chrome right click the image then 'Copy image address'.
How to solve?

Sliding 15 Puzzle With Your Image

sliding 15-puzzle 8-puzzle your image

Set up a sliding puzzle with your own image and challenge your friends to solve it. Use any image URL from the web. The generated puzzle will work on mobile devices as well.

Preferably your image should be 540px x 540px or any square image. If it's bigger or smaller then you can check the Scale image checkbox to request aligning the width of your image to the width of the puzzle area. If your image is bigger than 540 x 540 pixels the program will automatically crop the image and display only the top left corner.

If your image is landscape and the scale image option is active then the bottom of the playing field will remain empty. To eliminate this you can choose to Repeat the image, which will replicate the image as many times it's necessary to fill the whole area.

By default when you load the page the puzzle is scrambled. You can optionally activate an Animated scramble which delays the scramble so the player can examine the solved state. The animated scramble is executed once the page has been loaded.

Numbered tiles help the players determine where a piece belongs. The tiles are numbered starting from the upper left corner in solved state.

Each time you click the Submit button the URL of this page changes containing all changes you have made to the settings. Save your generated link to access your custom puzzle page again at any time!

Upload an image

To upload an image I recommend using which is a free service. It stores your uploaded images on a server which you can later access with a URL. For this puzzle program use the direct link, the one which contains the extension of your uploaded image.

Shorten URL

Use a free URL compressor to shorten your links when the generated URL is too long.