Megaminx Scrambler

The Megaminx is a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle, it has 12 pentagon faces. You can generate a random scramble for the Megaminx with this program. This scrambler displays a permutation and the unfolded Megaminx showing how the puzzle will look after you have performed the rotations to a solved puzzle.
Start the Megaminx Scrambler

Megaminx Scrambler and Notation
Scrambles: Set how many scrambles you want to generate.

Length: Set the length of one scramble. To see how the unscrambled puzzle looks, set this number to 0.

Separate: Too long scrambles may be easier to read if there's a break after every five moves. Activating this checkbox the program will insert separators into the algorithm for better readability.

CS: You can set a custom color scheme with the following letters: a (white), b (yellow), c (dark magenta), d (dark green), e (dark red), f (dark blue), g (grey), h (blue), i (goldenrod), j (dark orange), k (green), l (magenta), m (cyan), n (brown), o (black). Every other character means black.

FRU only: is inactive for this puzzle..

Notation of the Megaminx

The Megaminx notation used by this scrambler was introduced by Stefan Pochmann and has been adopted by the WCA. I could have marked all the 12 faces with different letters and mark the rotations this way but the notation I will present here is much easier and faster to use. With only three different letters we can move every piece, including the centerpieces.
Megaminx puzzle Scrambler and Notation
We use only R, D two-fifth and U fifth turns in two directions. To apply a R++ turn hold the puzzle with your left hand and twist the right side just like shown on the picture. The D++ also moves almost the whole puzzle except the upper layer. And finally the U turn is the same as for a Rubik's Cube. ++ means two-fifth turns clockwise and - - means two-fifth turns counterclockwise. It's proven that two-fifth turns improve the scramble quality so it's intentional that we don't use fifth turns.