Redi Cube

Redi Cube tutorial
The Redi Cube, a corner-turning puzzle.

Released, in early June 2017, the Redi Cube was designed by famous puzzle designer Oskar Van Deventer, and produced by Moyu. It is a three layered corner twisting puzzle, where each corner turn moves the three edges around it. The puzzle is not an official WCA competition event.

The Redi Cube can be solved intuitively, which means that experienced cubers should be able to solve it without the aid algorithms, although there are simple algorithms in this tutorial.

Are you "redi"? Let's go!

How to solve the Redi Cube

redi cube notationA solve of the Redi Cube is very similar in comparison to the traditional 3x3x3. We solve each layer one by one. However, there is no set notation for the puzzle so for the sake of this tutorial we have created our own notation.

Since the Redi Cube is a corner twisting puzzle, we have assigned a number to each corner, which is dependent on the position you are holding the puzzle in.

When holding the puzzle, the top right corner is number 1. 2 is the top left corner of the side facing towards yourself, 3 is in the bottom right, and 4 is the bottom left corner of that same face. Use the diagram to locate the rest of the corners corresponding to the aforementioned locations of the first 4 corners.

An example algorithm would be 1, 2, 3i 4, 5, 5. When there is an individual number, turn the corresponding corner clockwise once. When there is a number immediately followed by an “i”, this means to turn the corresponding corner once anticlockwise once.

corners on top1. Solve the first layer corners

The first layer we will begin to solve is the white face. Locate the the for corners which are next to each other that have a white sticker. Orientate (turn) the white corners so that all the white corners face so they all face upwards.

2. Solve the full first layer

edge example
The red/white edge is on the right middle slot of the right face.

The next step is to solve the edge pieces and slotting them into place. Use the bottom four corner pieces to move the an edge to the right side of the coloured face.

Try to do the first three pieces individually. To move the last (red/white) edge into the solved position, use the algorithm 4i, 2i, 4, 2 as seen on the image.

3. Solve the middle layer

yellow corners topFirst of all, put the white face on the bottom. Then orient (turn) all the remaining corner so that the yellow stickers are facing the top

yellow corners top blue red

Next, we need to find any edges in the top layer that does not have a yellow sticker on it. For this example we will use the red/blue edge.

solved redi cubeTo move the blue/red edge from its position to the solved position, use the algorithm 2i, 1i, 2, 1 with the red side facing towards you.

inverse case

edge wrong slot nearby faceIf the blue/red edge piece is one the opposite side, of the yellow face, use the algorithm 1, 2, 1i, 2i with the blue face facing towards you to move the edge into place.

nearby face inverseIf you have a case like this, use the algorithm 2, 1, 2i, 1i to solve the edge into the position. This will keep the yellow corners correctly oriented.

The inverse algorithm to this case is 1i, 2i, 1, 2 move it into the solved position

Continue solving the edge pieces so that all middle edges are in the correct position.

4. Solving the final layer

colored backThere will always be 3 solved sides at this stage, the yellow, white and one other colour side. Put the other colored side on the back face.

The first case will be three edges that need to do a cycle. The algorithm to solve this case is 2, 1i, 2i, 1i.

opposite sideIf the blue edge or equivalent piece is on the opposite side, use the algorithm 1, 2i, 2i, 1.

If you have a case where there are no edges correctly oriented, use the algorithm 1i, 2, 1, 2i, then use the algorithm 2, 1i, 2i, 1i with the solved side on the back, yellow on top and white on the bottom.

redi-cube puzzle last stepTo solve this case, put any side on the back and do 1, 2i, 1i, 2i then put the solved face on the back, with the yellow face on top and white on the bottom. Then do 1, 2i, 1i, 2i again to solve the cube.

Congratulations, you have solved the Redi Cube!