Pretty Rubik´s Cube patterns with algorithms

Are you tired solving your Rubik´s Cube always the same way or are you looking for a new challenge? Try to create some pretty patterns! In this section I´m going to present some of my favorite Rubik´s Cube patterns algorithms with preview images, like the famous Superflip, the checkerboard, the snake patterns, the cross, the cube in a cube and other nice motives. If you got bored solving the Rubik´s Cube always the same way and want new challenge try to reach one of these patterns without watching the algorithms supplied.
For the moves we’ve supplied an interactive widget so you can play back the solution to see the permutation in action, and an image with a different color scheme.

In case you don´t know what these letters mean you should get started by reading the Rubik´s notation. If you don´t have a Magic Cube go ahead and use the online Rubik´s Cube solver program where you can apply rotations or even solve the cube.

The Superflip

U R2 F B R B2 R U2 L B2 R U’ D’ R2 F R’ L B2 U2 F2
The interactive animation below helps you see the algorithm in action!

The checkerboard

Rubik´s checkerboard pattern
F B2 R’ D2 B R U D’ R L’ D’ F’ R2 D F2 B’

The easy checkerboard

M2 E2 S2 ( = U2 D2 F2 B2 L2 R2)

Vertical stripes

Rubik´s Vertical stripes pattern
F U F R L2 B D’ R D2 L D’ B R2 L F U F


Rubik´s Cross pattern
U F B’ L2 U2 L2 F’ B U2 L2 U

Cross 2

Rubik´s Cross 2 pattern
R2 L’ D F2 R’ D’ R’ L U’ D R D B2 R’ U D2

Twisted cube in the big cube

Rubik´s Twisted cube in the big cube pattern
F L F U’ R U F2 L2 U’ L’ B D’ B’ L2 U

Cube in a cube in a cube

Rubik´s Cube in a cube in a cube pattern
U’ L’ U’ F’ R2 B’ R F U B2 U B’ L U’ F U R F’


Rubik´s Anaconda pattern
L U B’ U’ R L’ B R’ F B’ D R D’ F’


Rubik´s Python pattern
F2 R’ B’ U R’ L F’ L F’ B D’ R B L2

Black Mamba

Rubik´s Black Mamba pattern
R D L F’ R L’ D R’ U D’ B U’ R’ D’

Green Mamba

R D R F R’ F’ B D R’ U’ B’ U D2

Four spots

Rubik´s Four spots pattern
F2 B2 U D’ R2 L2 U D’

Six spot

Rubik´s Six spot pattern
U D’ R L’ F B’ U D’


Rubik´s Twister pattern
F R’ U L F’ L’ F U’ R U L’ U’ L F’