New World record - Collin Burns 5.25

Update 21 November 2015: This record has been broken! Lucas Etter on the River Hill Fall 2015 competition which was held in Clarksville, Maryland (USA) on 21st of November 2015.

Breaking News! Collin Burns (USA) breaks the Rubik's Cube single world record on Doylestown Spring 2015 official WCA competition. He managed to shave 3 tenth of a second off the record of Mats Valk (Netherlands), setting the new record to 5.25.

He was the 2014 US National Champion wth an average of 7-8 seconds for the 3x3. Collin regularly posts speedcubing videos to his YouTube channel (user name: collinbxyz).

the moment of breaking the world record 2015
The historic moment

Collin Burns Rubiks Cube record 5.25
The competitors gathering to see the new record