The Best Cubing YouTube Channels

The Best Cubing YouTube ChannelsProbably the best and easiest way of reviewing twisty puzzles or making solution tutorials is through a YouTube video because it's easier to demonstrate this way how the puzzle works. We have collected the most important cubing channels which specialise in cube reviews, tutorials, unboxing videos, how-tos, competition footages but there are custom puzzle builders in our list who unveil their inventions on their YouTube channels.

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Subscribers: > 1.000.000
Having the most subscribers in this list, TheMaoiSha is a Spanish youtuber who likes to share his passion with the world in form of tutorials, reviews and unboxings.


Subscribers: 300.000
Kenneth posts twisty puzzle videos on his YouTube channel about unboxings, design patterns, cube reviews, solves and his speciality: "cube in a bottle".


Subscribers: 280.000
Another popular Spanish cube vlogger.


Subscribers: 180.000
Dan Fast makes YouTube videos on Speedcubing, Puzzle Modding, Sneak Peeks and Fan Interactions.


Subscribers: 140.000
From modifying puzzles to solving them, MeMyselfAndPi has some of the most popular tutorials in the cubing community. MMAPGaming is his other YouTube channel with Minecraft gameplays.


Subscribers: 190.000
Feliks Zemdegs Rubik's Cube world champion posts competition videos and various tips regularly on his vlog.


Subscribers: 120.000
Tony Fisher is one of the most important custom puzzle designers who started building and modding in the 80's and he's still a very active YouTuber.


Subscribers: 100.000
The channel of Oskar van Deventer, a Dutch inventor and designer who made hundreds of innovative puzzles. Oskar Puzzles offers a large variety of 3D printed puzzles for sale, like the Guiness World Record holder 17x17x17 cube.


Subscribers: 110.000
A small channel with just a few NxNxN tutorials and no recent posts, but the high ratings make us include TheSergsB in our list.


Subscribers: 180.000
Cubing for everyone - JRCuber is mostly a speedcuber but he also loves modding and puzzle collecting and he makes unboxing videos, reviews, videos on his latest mods.


Subscribers: 35.000
Badmephisto's channel and website lists blindfolded, one handed tutorials but he's specialized in the advanced Fridrich method. He's very acknowledged YouTuber in the speedcubing society but he's really secretive about his real identity.


Subscribers: 40.000
Besides Badmephisto's channel, this is the favourite of many speedcubers. He has a "Tip of the Week" series, solve and review videos.


Subscribers: 45.000
Cyotheking is a professional speedcuber from Minnesota who will help you become faster.


Subscribers: 45.000
Daily cubing and entertainment videos.


Subscribers: 35.000
Andrew publises sketches, shorts, and comedies mostly about cubing.


Subscribers: 25.000
This channel contains many puzzle reviews and is mainly dedicated to cubers who want to get sub 20 and at the moment are around 40 seconds using the CFOP speedcubing method.


Subscribers: 45.000
A popular cubing and entertainment channel.


Subscribers: 17.000
Yu Nakajima is 5x5 blindfolded Asian record holder has videos about competitions solving Square-1, 3x3, 7x7, Megaminx etc.

Derpy Cuber

Subscribers: 17.000
This channel is mostly known for their music video parody, OLLCP: I'm R U R' U' and I know It. You can also find videos with cubing meetups, solves, QandA's, puzzle reviews


Subscribers: 35.000
The channel of where you can see updates about championships and other official events and Rubik's brand-related topics, tutorials, how to guides etc.


Subscribers: 12.000
Member of "Five Awesome Cubers" Chris Bird used to be an active YouTouber. His channel contains tutorials on how to solve the cube, reviews on puzzles so you know what to expect and what to buy.


Subscribers: 25.000
Usual cubing vlog from an American speedcuber girl.


Subscribers: 20.000
Former 3x3 World record holder posts competition videos, unboxings and puzzle reviews on his video blog.

Mats Valk

Subscribers: 20.000
Current Rubik's Cube single World record holder with 4.74 seconds.

Non-Cubing Channels With Important Cubing Videos


Subscribers: 500.000
Rob's World is more about origami than cubing but many of his cubing tutorials are really helpful and have received an impressive amount of views.


Subscribers: 270.000
Daniel Brown's channel is about debating important political and social issues. It's not a cubing channel but he deserves an honorary place in this list because his beginner Rubik's Cube tutorial has received 30 million views.