Cubers win Romania's Got Talent 2015

A group of three cubers won the biggest Romanian talent show on 12th June 2015. Cristian Leana (20), Martin Fronescu (12) and Flavian Glonţ (17), members of the SpeedCubing group managed to make it to the finals and impress both the jury and the public with their amazing blindfolded performance. They deserved the great prize of 120.000€!

This was the second attempt for Cristian on the stage of Romania's Got Talent. He also entered the competition in 2012 and made it all the way to the finals but this year, being part of a group proved to be more efficient.

romanias got talent 2015 winners speedcubing

They dedicate their success to Faciu Radu the founder of the Romanian Speedcubing Community who has helped them behind the scenes from the very beginning.

The Romanian Speedcubing Community is thankful for all the support and votes they got during the competition.

The final performance

They started their performance presenting 100 scrambled cubes lined up on two tables which they had previously memorized. They talked about the difficulty of their attempt of solving the cubes blindfolded and asked the jury to choose from the pile a random cube for each member and one to put away to be used later. During the solution they played a motivational speech in the background which addressed the younger generation who have all the potential and all their lives ahead of them and asked them to never give up and always keep trying even when they face such an impossible challenge like a Rubik's Cube. When the guys finished solving their puzzles and removed their blindfolds they saw Cristian's cube still scrambled. Then he stepped forward to the cube they had put away and the two puzzles showed a perfect match. They closed their performance presenting a two sided Rubik's Cube mosaic.

The guys said:

"We have such a great cubing community with so many talented kids that almost anyone of us could have been in our place. We proved that it's possible to make show for weeks in a row always showing something new with a simple puzzle toy and at the same time sending a positive message to the audience."

romanias got talent 2015 winners speedcubing
The winners with their mentor, Radu.

Congratulations, guys!

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