Rubix cube solver updates in 2012

rubix solver
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There's a new update on the online Rubix cube solver program. Now when you hover over a permutation button it displays a picture over the cube to show what that notation means. On the old version there was only a small picture giving this help. The new feature also shows the direction of the rotation, so I had to draw 12 pictures, for the six faces. The M, E, S rotation use the same pictures as the L, D, B, in this order.

The implementation

It took me a while to create these pictures for the Rubix cube solver because it requires good 3D vision. It was hard to imagine how to reflect on the screen a cylinder around a tilted cube. To be honest I had to use a roll of toiletpater and move it around to see how does it reflect on 2D. Finally I did it. I made it transparent so the fields can be visible behind the cylinder; I even gave it some shiny effect.
To see how it works just go to the rubix cube solver and hover on a rotation button. If nothing happens make sure that the "Animate rotation" checkbox is checked. But when you load the site this is done by default. The images show up on the solution page too while the solution playback is on or you click on one of the letters on the right.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the rubix cube solver please let me know. Or if you detect any bugs or errors on the page please send me a report and I will work to correct that issue.