Beyond Rubik’s Cube Travelling Exhibition

The Rubik’s Cube has been a part of millions of lives, whether just 30 minutes of frustrated turning or timed solves, we’ve all heard of Rubik’s invention. 40 years after the release of the original Rubik’s Cube on 26th April 2014, the Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition began its 7 year long journey across the World, celebrating the impact the cube has had through time. The exhibition spends a few months in each location before moving on to the next. The next scheduled destination is Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina, which will see the exhibition and thousands of visitors between June 10th and September 5th 2016. Liberty Science Centre was also the venue for the US Nationals Speedcubing competition between August 1st and 3rd, in which speedsolvers competed in the largest annual US competition. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what’s in store for you if you get to visit the exhibition within the next 5 years.

beyond rubiks cube travelling exhibition

One of the main staples of the exhibition is a 10ft tall giant metal Rubik’s Cube. It weighs over 1,000 kilograms and can be controlled via a control panel. The cube is a hollow frame with metal outlines of each piece. Also, for the first time in history, Rubik’s early puzzles and even the original 3x3 prototype are on display to the public. See Rubik’s original ideas and materials, and use similar materials to create some of your own puzzle designs in the Cube Prototype area.

If you have a Rubik’s Cube that you just can’t solve, bring it to the exhibition and let the cube solving robot have a go! The robot at the exhibition is one of the many robots worldwide that can solve the cube, and will have no problem completing the puzzle you thought was impossible. Or, if you want to challenge yourself a bit further, try visiting the Solve Bar, in which Rubik’s Cube solvers and speedsolvers will help teach you how to solve the cube.

Unveiled in 1995, the Masterpiece cube is a $2.5 million Rubik’s Cube crafted from precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires, with an 18 karat gold body. It holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive Rubik’s Cube, and now accompanies the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition around the world.

Teams of visitors can come together to create their own Rubik’s Cube mosaic, and see the mosaic of Rubik himself created by artist Pete Fecteau. If you prefer smaller exhibits, there is the Cube Man (a bronze concept cube designed by Rubik) or the Haikube (a cube which can be twisted to create an immense number of different haikus).

We still have to wait a lot for the Rubik's Cube museum to be finished. In the meantime try to visit this travelling exhibition.