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Step 7: Orient last layer corners on your Rubik's Cube

On this page you can find a detailed description on how to solve the last layer corners of the Rubik's Cube. In the final phase of the solution with the beginner's method we will orient the yellow corner pieces.

solved rubiks cube

The cube is solved

unfinished corners

Orient the corner pieces

When you reach this final step all the pieces are on the right spot, you just have to orient the last layer corners which are now on the top of the puzzle.

Hold the cube in your hand so the upper piece you want to orient is on the front-right-top corner, then do this algorithm twice or four times until that specific piece is oriented correctly:

R' D' R D

In the meantime it might seem like you messed up the whole cube but don't worry, it will be all right when all the corner pieces are oriented.

When a yellow corner is oriented correctly, turn the top layer only to move another yellow corner piece you want to orient to the front-right-top corner of the cube and repeat R' D' R D again until this specific piece is ok.

Keep doing this until your Cube is solved.

Animated examples

To see the animations just click the play button and follow the steps. Adjust the speed if it's too fast for you. We have separated the R' D' R D bits so you can see better how to apply this algorithm.

Example 1.

Two wrong pieces next to each other: do R' D' R D twice for one corner and four times for the other.

(R' D' R D)x2 U' (R' D' R D)x4  U 

When they're next to each other but the yellow stickers are facing like this the order changes

(R' D' R D)x4 U' (R' D' R D)x2  U 

Example 2.

For three corners: The algorithm has to be applied twice for each corner.

(R' D' R D)x2  U  (R' D' R D)x2 U2 (R' D' R D)x2 U

When you meet the orientation below the algorithm has to be executed 4 times for each corner.

(R' D' R D)x4  U  (R' D' R D)x4 U2 (R' D' R D)x4 U

Example 3.

Two corners on opposite sides.

U (R' D' R D)x2 U2 (R' D' R D)x4 U

Example 4.

It requires a total of 12 iterations when all yellow corners are twisted.

(R' D' R D)x4  U  (R' D' R D)x4  U  (R' D' R D)x2  U  (R' D' R D)x2 U

(R' D' R D)x2  U  (R' D' R D)x2  U  (R' D' R D)x4  U  (R' D' R D)x4 U

These algorithms may seem to be long but they're repeating the same R' D' R D sequence all the time, so you just have to memorize this short algorithm and the method how to use it. With a little practice you'll perform these very quickly.

Congratulations! You have solved your Rubik's Cube!

solve rubix cube

Is this tutorial too complicated for you? Here's what you can do:

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Use the Online Rubik's Cube Solver, insert your scramble and the program will calculate the solution for you.



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