More Rubik's Cube jokes

That's all I know calss vs exam i know Nobody does that frankenstein monster That would be pretty impressive cuber girlfriend I offer free demonstrations fingers can do There's always a bigger fish harder I'm never that lucky ll-skip on competition It ain't much but it's honest work my fastest solve Not so fast, my friend no-pb-eperm Never! sell old A 7x7x7 Ghost Cube looks fun this must be fun I think we all understand the frustration Rubik's Cube destroy trollface Rubik's Cube Bra Challenge Accepted? Rubiks bra challenge accepted How to solve the Rubik's Cube in one step Solve the Rubix Cube in one step These toys certainly don't need batteries puzzle no batteries required What people think about the Beginner's Method Who thinks what Anyone can solve it Colorblind Rubik's Cube meme Forever alone pinky finger Cuber hand forever alone This is how cubers work out Cuber workout Dude, you have a problem dude you have problem rubiks