More Rubik's Cube jokes

When your cube needs help
going home in hurricane
That's a nice setup
nerd heard leader starter pack
From your nightmares
hello dumb kid
Your cube might become a chewing toy soon
dog reaches
It shall bring good luck to Bad Luck Brian
YJ lucky cat cube
5 sides solved?
5 sides solved
Trying your new cube for the first time
That's impossible
liar batman slapping robin
Why does it take so long?
I'm doing something wrong
slow solves
Teaching a beginner to solve
rubiks twist joke meme
That's an impossible scramble
you are dumb
Happy Birthday Tom!
hangman meme
A puzzle for blondes
pink cube blondes
It's just a beginner's thing...
solve one side rubiks
rubiks nightmare
A Rubik's Triangle
rubiks triangle
We all know the original Rubik's Cube brand.
seven towns hard turn cube
Cube first, homework second
no homework
A real "cube"
real cube curves
Not easy to figure out
someone elses shower
We only do this when our cube becomes unsolvable
cheater corner flip
4.74 seconds to be more precise...
yeah but the record