More funny Rubik’s Cube memes

The fifth page of our Rubik’s Cube jokes collection. No more colorblind jokes this time 😉
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How to create a monster
rubiks friend monster
Published on Will Ferrell’s Twitter
aisan pregnancy test will ferrell
Thanks but 3D is enough for me
4D rubiks cube
Egg cube
cube scrambled eggs
Oh Lord Jesus it’s a PB
aint nobody got time for that cube
It’s just a Turkish company and they have this logo.
cube truck
I ❤ U
cuber confession I love you
The Masterpiece Cube
most expensive cube
When did guitars become cooler than cubes?
guitars cooler than rubiks cube
Another Forever Alone made a Rubik’s mosaic.
forever alone mosaic
Spread the word folks
do you have minute
1x1x1 rubiks cube
There’s an online Rubik’s Cube solver.
online rubiks solver
How to cheat on a blindfolded competition.
exam cheating rubber
Always make sure you use a lubricant!
cube lubricant silicone
The ultimate solution
glue meme
It’s been a wonderful 40 years.
40 years history
How various rage comic characters solve the Rubik’s Cube
how memes solve rubiks
Challenge denied
rubiks challange denied
Happy Birthday Tom!
hangman meme
A puzzle for blondes
pink cube blondes
It’s just a beginner’s thing…
solve one side rubiks
rubiks nightmare
A Rubik’s Triangle
rubiks triangle
We all know the original Rubik’s Cube brand.
seven towns hard turn cube
Cube first, homework second
no homework
A real “cube”
real cube curves
Not easy to figure out
someone elses shower
We only do this when our cube becomes unsolvable
cheater corner flip
4.74 seconds to be more precise…
yeah but the record