More Rubik's Cube Memes

This is the second page of the Rubik's Cube memes collection. More funny puzzle images and rage comics. Don't forget to share, comment, like etc. 😀

Multifunctional 4x4
4x4 as 2x2
I might need sedatives
heartbeat before competition
That's bad luck
not personal best plus2
That's true
you cant peel stickers off
I hate parity!
4x4 rubiks cube parity
Speedcubers know the secret
chinese products the best
Cube Love
cube love
A message from the "aliens"
message to the aliens
Derp trying to solve it when Trollface shows up
Almost solved
25 years and still doing
25 years and still doing
Howard is like the Rubik's Cube
Howard and the Rubik's Cube
Never scramble it
Never scramble it
This one is from a commercial
drinking rubix cube
A cheater
Rubik's Cube cheater
Sometimes it's just impossible to unpin
impossible to open
Let me handle this myself, you humans don't get it
Let me handle this myself
An exploded cube?
broken 4x4x4 Rubik's cube
I always do
always cube
Box invasion
Earth invaded by Rubik's Cubes
Problem solved
Colorblind Derp
You better go back to Tetris
Rubik's tetris
Just a Rubik's Car
Rubik's Car
We have all felt the frustration
For beginners
Rubik's Cube level one
Just relax
relax frankie meme
Let me handle this!
Rubiks cube bug handle

Poor guy
Colorblind Rubik's Cube