Rubik's Cube Stickers

Stickers are important parts of the Rubik's Cubes and all twisty puzzles because they mark the solved state. Fortunately a large variety of good quality vinyl stickers is available for all kind of puzzles. You can buy the classic solid coloured or even textured stickers and tiles.

Let's discuss the most crucial topics! Where we can buy them, how to apply the replacement stickers and what are the WCA requirements regarding the stickers.

Vinyl Rubik's Cube puzzle stickers

Where to get them?

Custom twisty puzzle vinyl stickers are available at Olivérs Stickers at around 1$ per set, depending on the complexity of the puzzle, for example you can buy a Petaminx set for only 7.50$ and it has 1212 stickers.
TheCubicle also has a wide variety of stickers for all kinds of puzzles.
The CamCuber's Sticker Set,which has great quality and vibrant colours, is also recommended for Rubik's Cube.

Rubiks Cube Earth, Fisher and Mirror cube stickers

How to sticker a Rubik's Cube

Sometimes DIY puzzles come in pieces and we have to put them together and apply the stickers, or if we just want to replace our old damaged stickers. In these situations some good tips may be handy.
Usually the replacement stickers come on nice sheets which match the shape and size of the puzzle and you can easily apply them using the supplied transparent transfer tape.

tools to change Rubiks Cube stickers

The challenge is to stick them straight without air bubbles.
If your sticker sheets don't match the size of the cube try to use tweezers and place them one by one. This tool can be handy when you need to remove the old stickers as well. If some glue residue remains after removing the old stickers you can use your fingers to rub it off or if this doesn't work I recommend dissolving the glue with a rug soaked in alcohol or some other solution.
Rotate slightly the layer you're working on to prevent unwanted layer movements.
If you can't use the the transfer tape for some reason you can apply them one by one using the tweezers. Make sure your hand rests on the table and it's steady. If you're right handed always grab the right-bottom corner of the tiles and attach slightly the opposite top-left corner and adjust the angles. When everything seems to be aligned, gently press down the sticker all the way to the bottom pushing the air bubbles out with your finger. Once a vinyl sticker has been placed you can't undo it because the sticker will stretch out and it can't be reused.
When you finish one face always make sure you respect the default color scheme of the Rubik's Cube!

WCA regulations regarding the stickers

Rubiks Cube strickers black and white body

The WCA regulations specify that puzzles must have coloured stickers, coloured tiles which are not thicker than 1.5mm, coloured plastic, or painted/printed colours and these must be made of similar material. The colour scheme is not specified but they must be solid colours with one uniform colour per face and these must be distinguishable.
The Rubik's Cube may have a printed logo on one centre piece and this must not be distinguishable by feel for blindfolded events.
Competitors with visual disabilities are allowed to use textured puzzles but these must be coloured as well to aid in scrambling and judging.