Rubik’s Cube Themed Gifts

Do you know somebody who is obsessed with the Rubik’s Cube? Whether they like to solve it casually, are just learning or are veteran speedcubers, there are hundreds of Rubik’s Cube related gifts available. This article will be split into two parts, the first listing products available from the Rubik’s Website*, the second listing products from all over the web.

*All products listed are available on the UK Rubik’s Cube website in 2016, so there may be more or less products available depending on where you live. All these products may be available elsewhere cheaper, so make sure to look around before purchasing. Prices listed in GBP and excluding P&P.

Gifts from Rubik’s Website

Excluding the actual cube products, Rubik’s have many different Rubik’s themed items available for purchase.

Rubik’s Cube Notepad £6.99

This cleverly designed notepad with square sheets means you can write algorithms, general notes or just draw things!

coffee mug
Rubik’s Cube-Shaped Mug £9.99

A mug that won’t be mistaken for anybody else’s; quirkily designed, this cube-shaped mug will be sure to spark conversation and quench your thirst.

inflatable seat
Rubik’s Inflatable Seat £24.99

A comfy place to sit whilst you try to solve a difficult puzzle or try to beat your best time.

rubiks playing cards
Rubik’s Themed Playing Cards £5.99

A set of playing cards with a Rubik’s Cube design. Great for casual card games and maybe even magic tricks.

rubiks race game
Rubik’s Race Game £19.99

A tile-based game where two players compete to create the randomly generated pattern of colours in the centre of their board.

futuro cube
Rubik’s Futuro Cube

An electronic cube uses its cubic surface, orientation and motion sensors to bring you many fun mini-games and challenges. Many more games can be downloaded onto the cube from the Internet and you can even create your own with the Futuro Cube program!

rubiks t-shirts
Rubik’s T-Shirts

Rubik’s line of apparel organised on a Spreadshirt shop.

Gifts from all over the web

For these products, I won’t provide a price or link as there are most likely many different stores and marketplaces that sell them such as Amazon. There may even be second hand versions available on websites like eBay, but purchase at your own risk.

Rubik’s Cube USB Speaker

A small cube-shaped speaker which is much more powerful than normal phone speakers. It’s powered by USB, therefore no batteries are required.

rubiks cube safe
Rubik’s Cube Safe

A safe disguised as a 5x5 cube which can be opened by turning the middle 3 layers to their correct positions. Perfect for keeping keys and money safe!

mini fridge
Mini Fridge
Keep your drinks cold in the Husky Mini Fridge.

Rubik’s Cube Pillows

There are several different designs available for pillows, from normal cubes to the melted cube image from the Big Bang Theory, so have a look around at the different styles and choose your favourite!

Rubik’s Cube Light

A large 3x3 shaped light that actually turns! Powered by USB, this light can brighten up your desk and provide a challenge whenever you need one.

phone case
Rubik’s Cube Phone Cases

There is a phone case for the iPhone 5 available on the Rubik’s website, but there are many more types of case for any phone available online. If you can’t find a case for your specific phone, there are also phone socks available.

Gift Cards

When it comes to actual puzzles, most speedcubers can be very picky about which brand or type of puzzle they want. With this gift, you don’t need to spoil the surprise, and the puzzler can choose his own cube(s) and accessories to avoid confusion. A site I would recommend is, however there are many more cubing webshops available that probably offer gift cards as well.