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If you are new to solving puzzles or want to get into solving, then you may not know where to find the puzzle you want. eBay or Amazon can only provide so much, and at times you may not receive what you asked for. This article will compare arguably the three top puzzle webshops in detail and compare the rest in a table below.

The reviews and ratings in this article are subjective. They are based on our own opinion, on several review websites and forums. Some features of the webshops listed below might change over the time but we'll keep an eye on them and will update our list regularly.

We'd like this article to serve as a starting point for all looking to buy a new puzzle for their puzzle collection.

List Rubik's Cube Stores

If you would like to see what other Rubik's Cube stores are available, here is a list of some of the smaller ones that I didn't cover along with a recap of the ones above –

The Cubicle (TC)

The Cubicle is undoubtedly the largest puzzle vendor on the web, trusted by hundreds of puzzlers in America and Worldwide.

Navigation & Appearance – The website is easy to navigate, with clear categories for the different types of puzzles and accessories available. Creating an account is straightforward, and all the information you need to do so is easily accessible. The basic design however is fairly ugly. Out of all the sites listed below, TC is probably the most unappealing. In this category, The Cubicle scores 7/10.

Range of Puzzles – The Cubicle offers one of the largest varieties of puzzles out of all of the stores listed. It stocks almost all different brands of several puzzles, and is always one of the first stores on the web to receive the newest puzzles and put them up for pre-order. However, if you are more interested in puzzle solving and not speed cubing, TC may not be the best choice. Most of the puzzles stocked are WCA puzzles (puzzles that make up official events of speed cubing competitions), and if you want to try different puzzles such as cuboids, then finding the best one may not be so easy. For this reason, The Cubicle scores 7/10 in this category.

Rubik's Cube and puzzle webshop - Cubicle

Unique Features – The Cubicle has many unique services and feature available to use. One of the most important of these is the wide range of sticker colours that are offered. By signing in and selecting “Colour Schemes”, you can select your favourite shades of each colour on puzzles and choose a name for the scheme. Then, when selecting stickers for a puzzle in the sticker category, you simply have to select your scheme in the sticker sets box, which will automatically add your favourite sticker shades to you cart. The Cubicle also offers Premium 3x3s, a service aimed at speed-cubers that prepares a selected cube by lubricating and tensioning it to make it as fast as possible. However, once again, most of the features are aimed at speed-cubers, and puzzlers may not make use of them. Therefore in this category, The Cubicle scores 7/10.

Overall – Overall, The Cubicle scores 21/30. The store offers almost everything you could need, but only if you are a speed-cuber. General puzzlers may not find purchasing different puzzles as easy, and more than likely the puzzle you choose to buy will have been sitting in a cupboard for months gathering dust, as few non-speedsolvers use TC as their main vendor.

SpeedCubeShop (SCS)

speed cube shop

SpeedCubeShop is a professional puzzle shop situated in the USA. They ship worldwide and offer competitive prices for a variety of puzzles.

Navigation & Appearance – SCS has a unique design that is much better looking than TC. There are clearly marked buttons at the top of the page that don’t take up much space and make the site look neater than most. The main categories have pictures, making browsing this site easy. For these reasons, in this category this store scores 8/10.

Range of Puzzles – This shop has much more variety when it comes to non-WCA puzzles than The Cubicle. The store receives the newest puzzles quickly, and puts them up for sale at competitive prices. Although the store focuses on speed-cubes, they have plenty of other puzzles to choose from. They have many different cuboids and also gear puzzles available very cheaply. They can be sorted by price, how well they sell, alphabetically etc. They share the same problem as TC however; the non-WCA puzzles are all lumped into one category, meaning that searching for the puzzle you want can be difficult. For these reasons, SCS receives 7/10 in this category.

Unique Features – SCS offer the same as most of the other stores; including lubrication and tension service for speed-cubers, and a small choice of sticker shades. However, SCS also have their own team, which you can register to be a part of. Being a member of this team means you receive unique discounts and gifts. Unfortunately, this is the only noticeable difference between it and other stores, meaning that there isn’t really anything unique about this store. For this reason, SCS receives 6/10 in this category.

Overall – Overall, SpeedCubeShop scores 21/30, matching The Cubicle. The store offers more selection of non-WCA puzzles, however it doesn’t really have any other selling points.

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